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Companies hiring remote

This repo is meant to be a list of companies that hire security people full remote.


According to some articles there is a huge gap of security talent, one reason being the shortage of remote welcome positions. The more talent gap there is, the more the talented people can choose positions, so promoting remote friendly positions / teams is a way to attract people.


You can help that list by creating issues or creating merge requests.

Quality Gate

Some companies promote remote talents, some other don't but are not against it, companies are okay to be listed if one or the other is true (listing a source is prefered!)

Remote is meant to allow people from anywhere (or at least anywhere in a given timezone) without being forced to be in an office on a daily base.


Company Areas hiring remote Full remote / Regional remote Source Job Postings link Open for contractors
Alienvault Some jobs Full remote okay At a job posting page Link! ?
Appsecconsulting Some jobs Full remote okay At a job posting page Link! ?
Auth0 All Full remote okay Career Page Link! ?
Bishop Fox Some areas Link! Link! ?
BlackKnight Some areas At a job posting page Link! ?
BreakPoint Labs Some Full remote Link! Link! ?
Canonical Some Full remote At a job posting Link! ?
Cisco Talos All Full remote At a job posting page Link! ?
Cisco Some Full remote Link! Link! ?
Crowdstrike Engineering, Intelligence, Information Technology, Legal, Professional Services, R&D Full remote / Remote US Link! Link! ?
Coalfire Labs ? Full remote / Remote US Link! Link! ?
Corelight Multiple Full Remote Corelight Career Page Link!, Link!, Link! ?
DCSO All Full remote Link! ?
Dell Secure Works Some Regional remote Link! Link! ?
Dow Jones On a case by case basis ? Link! Link! ?
Dragos Some US remote Link! Link! ?
Elastic Some roles Full remote Link! Link! ?
Fastly All Full remote Link! Link! ?
Fireeye Deployment & Integration and Training Services, Endpoint, Engineering, FireEye Labs, Global Intelligence Operations, Innovation & Custom Engineering, Managed Defense, Mandiant Consulting, Technical Operations & Reverse Engineering Full remote / Remote US Link! Link! ?
FoxIT Some areas Full remote / Remote EU Link! Link! ?
Gitlab All Full remote Link! Link! ?
Heroku Some Full remote Link! Link! ?
Human Rights Watch Some Full remote Link! Link! ?
ImmersiveLabs Some Full remote Link! Link! ?
Inquest Some Full US remote okay Job posting Link! ?
Intel Some Depending on the position Job posting Link! ?
Lets encrypt All US remote Link! Link! ?
Leviathan Security Group ? Remote Link! Link! ?
Kaspersky ? Remote Link! Link! ?
Mozilla All Full remote depending on the position Link! Link! ?
Microsoft PM Remote US Search for State: Other! Link! ?
Major League Baseball ? ? Link! Link! ?
Nextrons Systems All Partially Remote (weekly checkin to the office in DE) After discussion with Link! Link! ?
Novetta ? ? Link! Link! ? All Full remote okay Link Link! ?
Proofpoint Some Regional remote Link! ?
US BanK ? US Remote Twitter Link! ?
RiskIQ Some areas Full remote Ninjajobs Link! ?
Recorded Future Some areas Full remote Job Posting Link! No
ReversingLabs ? ? Link! Link! ?
Salesforce ? ? Link! Link! ?
SecurityScoreCard Some areas Full remote Link! Link! ?
Semmle Some areas Full remote Job posting Link! ?
tenable Some Jobs Full remote Link Link! ?
tumblr Some areas Full remote Twitter Link! ?
TwelveSec All Full remote Link! Link! ?
Unit42 Palo Alto Research Full remote Link! Link! ?
VMRay Full remote Link! Link! ?
Wells Fargo Full remote Link! Link! ?
Wikimedia Foundation Full remote Link! Link! ?

Places to find remote job postings:

Other lists


Q: Company x is listed but does not offer a remote job at the moment - why is it listed?

A: I try very hard to keep the list up2date as possible, so at the time of adding a organisation, that organisation either offered a remote security job or had a public statement, that they are remote friendly. But as time goes on, organisations might not have (remote) positions open or even change the approach to remote friendly envirenment.

Q: Company X is not listed, but is remote friendly, can we add it?

A: Sure, either make a pull request or raise an issue or tell me via twitter

Q: Is that page also available as webpage? A: yes:

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