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Last Update: 18/July/2021.

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The repository contains examples of common Algorithms and Data Structures implemented using the latest stable version of Swiftprogramming language. The development attempts to fully utilize Standard Library and Protocol-Oriented paradigm. The project provides interactive visualizations using SpriteKit and SceneKit frameworks (in development).

📚 Content

Each major section will be wrapped into a separete .playground file, meaning that data structures and algorithms will be separeted for convenient management.

📺 Interactive Visualizations

The following list contains interactive visualizations that were implemented as part of the project. In majority of cases you can interact with a data structure or algorithm through a number of UI controlls. Visualizations are implemented using SpriteKit framework and are intended to explain the work of data structures and algorithms in a more highlevel way, which is a great way to learn especially if you are a beginner or you aren't familiar with something listed in the repository.


Stack visalization has two main UI controlls: push and pop. They perform corresponding operations: adding a new book at the top of the stack and removing the top book from the stack. Also there is a label that shows how many books are in the stack. Since the screen size is limited and for the sake of simplicity, the number of books in stack is limited.


Queue visualization is similar to Stack interactive visualization: it has two main UI controls that allow you to interact with the interface of the Queue data structure for enqueue and dequeue operations. You can see the number of animals in the queue as well.

👨‍💻 Author

Astemir Eleev

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