Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source



I spent some time refactoring alone!



  1. Article release and modification
  2. Article Recycle Bin and Withdrawal
  3. Article categories
  4. Article tags
  5. Website information freedom setting
  6. Article support markdown
  7. ★ Website static files can be freely configured local or CDN
  8. ★ You can choose to upload images to server or qiniu or both at the same time.
  9. Freely add friendchain and manage friend chain order
  10. Using the issue function of github as a commenting system, the interface is beautiful and convenient for other users to leave messages and notifications.
  11. ★ Regularly back up data and static resources
  12. ★ Backup data mail is sent to the mailbox

Technical point:

The main code is golang+vue+HTML+CSS+MySQL

How to install




This site started in 2015 and was originally built by the zblog open source framework.

In 2016, I used the Larvel framework of PHP to refactor all the code at the front and back

In 2019, I refactored it again with Golang

History Version:

Sample image


  • backend-login: backend-login
  • backend-home: backend-home
  • backend-list: backend-list


  • backend-login: backend-login
  • backend-home: backend-home
  • backend-list: backend-list

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