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Static html pages with Webpack 5

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This is a forkable example of a static website (plain html/css/javascript) assembled with webpack. You could also use this repository as a template when creating a new one.

Article explaining how this example was created:

  • Webpack4 implementation can still be found on a separate branch webpack4



  • npm i - install dependencies
  • npm start - start development server
  • npm test - run minimal tests (eg: lint javascript files)
  • npm run cy:run - run Cypress functional/browser/e2e tests. Works only when running website locally (npm start or npm run preview)


  • npm run build to prepare html, css, js files in dist/ directory
  • npm run preview - run build and serve production files locally

Production build is built on Travis CI and saved in gh-pages branch which in turn is hosted through Github pages


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