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Clean Architecture with .NET Core & React+Redux 🌀

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Sample implementation of the Clean Architecture Principles with .NET Core. Use cases as central organizing structure, decoupled from frameworks and technology details. Built by small components that are developed and tested in isolation.

We maintain two versions:

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Manga is a Virtual Wallet software in which the customer register an account then manage the balance by Deposits, Withdraws and Transfers.

The Web API's demo is hosted on Azure servers and there's a beautiful Swagger Client available. Swagger Demo

We also support the React client:

React+Redux Demo

Run the Docker container in less than 2 minutes using Play With Docker:

Try in PWD

Build & Run

To startup the whole solution, execute the following command:

$ cd .docker; ./ && ./ && sudo ./; popd;
$ cd .docker; ./; popd;

Then the following containers should be running docker ps:

Application URL
NGINX https://wallet.local:8081
Wallet SPA https://wallet.local:8081
Accounts API https://wallet.local:8081/accounts-api
Identity Server https://wallet.local:8081/identity-server
SQL Server Server=localhost;User Id=sa;Password=<YourStrong!Passw0rd>;Database=Accounts;

Browse to https://wallet.local:8081 then click on Log In. Trust the self-signed certificate.

If you prefer dotnet commands then start each service individually:

Expand to get the dotnet run steps.

Generate Self Signed Certificate

dotnet dev-certs https --clean
dotnet dev-certs https -ep $env:USERPROFILE\.aspnet\https\aspnetapp.pfx -p MyCertificatePassword
dotnet dev-certs https --trust

Spin up SQL Server in a Docker container

docker pull
docker run -e 'ACCEPT_EULA=Y' -e 'SA_PASSWORD=<YourStrong!Passw0rd>' -p 1433:1433 --name sql1 -d

Create and Seed Accounts Database

dotnet tool update --global dotnet-ef --version 3.1.6
dotnet ef database update --project accounts-api/src/Infrastructure --startup-project accounts-api/src/WebApi

Running Services

Identity Server

dotnet run --project identity-server/src/IdentityServer.csproj

Account API

dotnet run --project accounts-api/src/WebApi/WebApi.csproj

Wallett SPA

pushd wallet-spa/src/ClientApp
npm install
dotnet run --project wallet-spa/src/WalletSPA.csproj --launch-profile WalletSPA


Learn how to design modular applications.

Explore the .NET Core features.

Learn how to design modular applications

Learning how to design modular applications will help you become a better engineer. Designing modular applications is the holy grail of software architecture, it is hard to find engineers experienced on designing applications which allows adding new features in a steady speed.

Explore the .NET Core features

.NET Core brings a sweet development environment, an extensible and cross-platform framework. We will explore the benefits of it in the infrastructure layer and we will reduce its importance in the application and domain layers. The same rule is applied for modern C# language syntax.

Learn from the open source community

This is continually updated, open source project.

Contributions are welcome!


Learn from the community.

Feel free to submit pull requests to help:

  • Fix errors.
  • Refactoring.
  • Build the Front End.
  • Submit issues and bugs.

The Discussão em Português is pinned for the large community of brazillian developers.

Index of Clean Architecture Manga


Use Cases

Flow of Control

Architecture Styles

Design Patterns

Domain-Driven Design Patterns

Separation of Concerns


Test-Driven Development TDD



.NET Core Web API

Entity Framework Core

Environment Configurations



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