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A curated list of checklists

Most of the links in this repository point directly to checklists in markdown format.
Inspired by the awesome list thing. Feel free to improve this list.

Table of contents


Software Development

Checklists related to software development in all its forms.

App development

  • App release checklist - A checklist to pore over before you ship that amazing app that has taken ages to complete, but you don't want to rush out in case you commit a schoolboy error that will end up making you look dumber than you are.
  • Android App Security Checklist - A checklist with security considerations for designing, testing, and releasing secure Android apps.

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Web development

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Startups / side-projects

Checklists related to startups and side projects.

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These are additional resources that are in a format similar to a checklist (step by step plan, article with "top tips", etc) but are not really in actionable format.


  • UX Recipe - A checklist where you discover, choose and estimate your next UX project tools & techniques.

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Event planning

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Software development

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Startups / side-projects

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Creating a checklist

Thanks to Github Flavoured Markdown, you can create Task lists with ease.

 - [ ] Item 1
 - [ ] Item 2
 - [x] Item 3 (use an 'x' to put a checkmark)
 - [ ] Item 4

Which looks like this once rendered:

  • [ ] Item 1
  • [ ] Item 2
  • [x] Item 3
  • [ ] Item 4

As you can see, they render as read-only checkboxes in Markdown files. People with write permissions in the repository can edit the file to select or unselect the checkboxes.

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Contributions welcome! Read the contribution guidelines first.



To the extent possible under law, Israel Roldan has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.

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