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InnoGames Monitoring Plugins

This repository is only for Nagios compatible scripts developed by InnoGames. We have packages for more complicated checks. This repository is only for standalone simple scripts which don't worth having separate packages. Please don't bloat it.


Python is our preferred language at InnoGames System Administration. Please write the new plugins in Python unless you have a very good reason to use another language. Particularly any kind of shell scripting is not acceptable for anything new.

The scripts should run on Python 3.5 and later. Python 2.7 compatibility is optional but recommended for the ones that are generally useful.

Style Guide

The scripts are named with lower-case underscore notation. The scripts must have file extensions. The checks should be prefixed with "check_". Not portable ones should include the operating system they are working on in their names.


The scripts are released under the MIT License. The license is included on the file headers. The MIT License is registered with and approved by the Open Source Initiative [1].


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