Monorepo for packages used by Ignite CLI, including a template, component library and a set of Vuex modules
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Ignite Frontend



App template

A Vue 3 web application template is bundled with the Ignite CLI. The template features an asset list, transaction list, token transfer component, and a form component for custom models created with Ignite. The template is connected to the Keplr wallet by default.

Vuex modules


A set of Vuex modules implement functionality common to most Cosmos SDK chains.


A library that contains components used by the template.

Quick start

Inside your PROJECT_DIRECTORY/vue directory, run the following command to start your frontend local environment:

npm install
npm run dev


For questions and support, join the official Ignite Discord server. The issue list in this repo is exclusively for bug reports and feature requests.


We welcome contributions from everyone. The develop branch contains the development version of the code. You can create a branch from develop and create a pull request, or maintain your own fork and submit a cross-repository pull request.

Important Before you start implementing a new feature, the first step is to create an issue on Github that describes the proposed changes.

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