simona is an agent-based discrete-event power system simulation model developed @ie3-institute

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The agent-based simulation environment SIMONA provides a simulation toolbox to run and implement large-scale agent-based electricity grid simulations with focus on distribution grids. As a result, close-to-reality time series are generated from various system participants and grid assets that can be used to analyze a given power grid. Application cases are for example distribution grid planning purposes but also flexibility analysis or coupled sector interdependency analysis. The framework contains several out-of-the-box available models for a wide variety of grid participants as well as their operational behavior.

More information are provided in the project's documentation.

Usage and Contribution

SIMONA is part of several ongoing research projects and will be part of future research projects. Hence, the codebase is continuously under development from different perspectives, needs and developers.

We invite everyone to use SIMONA for their own research or for usage in a research project. If you use SIMONA for your own projects or research, please provide a reference to this repository. Furthermore, if you publish your scientific work please give appropriate credit by citing one of the introduction papers of SIMONA.

We're also happy for any feedback and contributions. For details on how to contribute, please take a look at the file in the root directory of this repository.


For all SIMONA related questions please feel free to contact people involved in the development and maintenance of SIMONA. For the moment, these people are:

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