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Vert.x embeded Springboot

This example can be used to distributed processing in JAVA when you need asyncronous multi thread worker pattern., having:

  • Vert.x Worker threads verticle example
  • SpringBoot Liquebase, init DB data migration when container deploying.
  • SpringBoot Actuator, process status check
  • Vert.x SpringBoot JPA example, SQL.
  • Vert.x SpringBoot with Mybatis, SQL.
This example works in the following order.
  1. liquibase DB migration to DataBase(H2 or MariaDB) when instance have deployed
  2. Migration Status Check at Spring Actuator
  3. Rest API Check to Vert.x Facade verticle (Request & Response)
  4. Check worker thread logging in console logging. (initial set : worker verticle instance 4, Event Loop : 6 )
  5. Check Mybatis sql logging
port info
port Description
8989 Vert.x communication port, it is used when communicate to Facade normal verticle which works request and response to client
9000 Springboot embeded port, it is used when mybatis jdbc connection pool
7979 Springboot actuator port, it is used service instance monitoring
To try the example,
mvn clean spring-boot:run -P h2local

or, you can build to profile mariadb after change in mariadb profile

mvn clean spring-boot:run -P mariadb
Let's check initail migration

id : bookexample, pw : 1234

To try request rest api

In console log, you can see different worker thread works in concrete class instance works as [worker-thread-0] ~ [worker-thread-8]

  • book list search
curl --request GET --url http://localhost:8989/book/list
  • book add
curl -X POST http://localhost:8989/book/add   
-d '{
  "name":"marble comics",
  • book search one
curl -X GET http://localhost:8989/book/id/1
  • book delete
curl -X DELETE http://localhost:8989/book/delete/2



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