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VSCode(LSP)'s snippet feature in vim.



  • Pure Vim script
  • Well tested (neovim/0.4.4, vim/8.0.1567)
  • Support VSCode snippet format
  • Provide integration with many plugins

Related repository

friendly-snippets - Set of preconfigured snippets for all kind of programming languages that integrates really well with vim-vsnip, so all users can benefit from them and not to worry about setting up snippets on their own. It already includes:

  • HTML, Pug, Jade
  • CSS, Sass, Less, Stylus
  • Javascript, Typescript, Javascriptreact, Typescriptreact
  • PHP
  • Python
  • C
  • C++
  • Rust
  • Go
  • Eruby
  • Ruby
  • Swift


1. Install

You can use your favorite plugin managers to install this plugin.

Plug 'hrsh7th/vim-vsnip'
Plug 'hrsh7th/vim-vsnip-integ'

call dein#add('hrsh7th/vim-vsnip')
call dein#add('hrsh7th/vim-vsnip-integ')

NeoBundle 'hrsh7th/vim-vsnip'
NeoBundle 'hrsh7th/vim-vsnip-integ'

2. Setting

" NOTE: You can use other key to expand snippet.

" Expand
imap <expr> <C-j>   vsnip#expandable()  ? '<Plug>(vsnip-expand)'         : '<C-j>'
smap <expr> <C-j>   vsnip#expandable()  ? '<Plug>(vsnip-expand)'         : '<C-j>'

" Expand or jump
imap <expr> <C-l>   vsnip#available(1)  ? '<Plug>(vsnip-expand-or-jump)' : '<C-l>'
smap <expr> <C-l>   vsnip#available(1)  ? '<Plug>(vsnip-expand-or-jump)' : '<C-l>'

" Jump forward or backward
imap <expr> <Tab>   vsnip#jumpable(1)   ? '<Plug>(vsnip-jump-next)'      : '<Tab>'
smap <expr> <Tab>   vsnip#jumpable(1)   ? '<Plug>(vsnip-jump-next)'      : '<Tab>'
imap <expr> <S-Tab> vsnip#jumpable(-1)  ? '<Plug>(vsnip-jump-prev)'      : '<S-Tab>'
smap <expr> <S-Tab> vsnip#jumpable(-1)  ? '<Plug>(vsnip-jump-prev)'      : '<S-Tab>'

" Select or cut text to use as $TM_SELECTED_TEXT in the next snippet.
" See
nmap        s   <Plug>(vsnip-select-text)
xmap        s   <Plug>(vsnip-select-text)
nmap        S   <Plug>(vsnip-cut-text)
xmap        S   <Plug>(vsnip-cut-text)

" If you want to use snippet for multiple filetypes, you can `g:vsnip_filetypes` for it.
let g:vsnip_filetypes = {}
let g:vsnip_filetypes.javascriptreact = ['javascript']
let g:vsnip_filetypes.typescriptreact = ['typescript']

3. Create your own snippet

Snippet file will store to g:vsnip_snippet_dir per filetype.

  1. Open some file (example: Sample.js)
  2. Invoke :VsnipOpen command.
  3. Edit snippet.
  "Class": {
    "prefix": ["class"],
    "body": [
      " * @author ${VIM:\\$USER}",
      " */",
      "class $1 ${2:extends ${3:Parent} }{",
      "\tconstructor() {",
    "description": "Class definition template."

The snippet format was described in here or here.



You can insert the filename via fname\<Plug>(vsnip-expand).

  "filename": {
    "prefix": ["fname"],
    "body": "$TM_FILENAME_BASE"


You can fill $TM_SELECTED_TEXT by <Plug>(vsnip-select-text) or <Plug>(vsnip-cut-text).

  "log": {
    "prefix": ["log"],
    "body": "console.log(${1:$TM_SELECTED_TEXT});"

Insert environment vars

You can insert value by Vim script expression.

  "user": {
    "prefix": "username",
    "body": "${VIM:\\$USER}"

Insert UUID via python

You can insert UUID via python.

  "uuid": {
    "prefix": "uuid",
    "body": [
      "${VIM:system('python -c \"import uuid, sys;sys.stdout.write(str(uuid.uuid4()))\"')}"

NOTE: $VIM is only in vsnip. So that makes to lost the snippet portability.


LSP integration

Nested snippet expansion

<Plug(vsnip-cut-text) with $TM_SELECTED_TEXT

<Plug&rt;(vsnip-cut-text) with $TM_SELECTED_TEXT


How to run test it?

You can run npm run test after install vim-themis.

How sync same tabstop placeholders?

  1. compute the user-diff ... s:Session.flush_changes
  2. reflect the user-diff to snippet ast ... s:Snippet.follow
  3. reflect the sync-diff to buffer content ... s:Snippet.sync & s:Session.flush_changes

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