bash scripts to automate server administration tasks
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Go MySQL Driver is a MySQL driver for Go's (golang) database/sql package
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Go Mysql Server1,0231114 hours ago868June 12, 202238apache-2.0Go
A MySQL-compatible relational database with a storage agnostic query engine. Implemented in pure Go.
Go Mysql Server1,015342 years ago9January 27, 202124apache-2.0Go
An extensible MySQL server implementation in Go.
Alternatives To Lazyscripts
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This is a set of bash shell functions to simplify and automate specific routine tasks, as well as some more specialized ones.


  • RedHat Enterprise Linux 5+
  • CentOS 5+
  • Ubuntu 10.04+


Run this bash function as root:

function lsgethelper() {
        local LZDIR=/root/.lazyscripts/tools;
        if command -v git 2>&1 1>/dev/null; then
            if [[ -d ${LZDIR} ]]; then
                    cd "${LZDIR}" \
                    && git reset --hard HEAD \
                    && git clean -f	\
                    && git pull git:// master; \
                    cd \
                    && git clone git:// "${LZDIR}";
            source ${LZDIR}/;
            rm -rf "${LZDIR}"/lazyscripts-master
            cd "${LZDIR}" \
            && curl -L | tar xvz
            source "${LZDIR}"/lazyscripts-master/;
lsgethelper && lslogin

Throw this in your .bashrc for extra credit.


Function Description
lsinfo Display useful system information
lsbwprompt Switch to a plain prompt.
lscolorprompt Switch to a fancy colorized prompt.
lsbigfiles List the top 50 files based on disk usage.
lsmytuner MySQL Tuner.
lshighio Reports stats on processes in an uninterruptable sleep state.
lsmylogin Auto login to MySQL
lsmyengines List MySQL tables and their storage engine.
lsmyusers List MySQL users and grants.
lsmycreate Creates a MySQL DB and MySQL user
lsmycopy Copies an existing database to a new database.
lsap Show a virtual host listing.
lsapcheck Verify apache max client settings and memory usage.
lsapdocs Prints out Apache's DocumentRoots
lsapproc Shows the memory used by each Apache process
lsrblcheck Server Email Blacklist Check
lscloudkick Installs the Cloudkick agent
lsvhost Add an Apache virtual host
lsvsftpd Installs/configures vsftpd
lspostfix Set up Postfix for relaying email
lsparsar Pretty sar output
lslsync Install lsyncd and configure this server as a master
lswordpress Install Wordpress on this server
lsdrupal Install Drupal 7 on this server
lswebmin Install Webmin on this server
lsvarnish Installs Varnish 3.0
lsconcurchk Show concurrent connections
lscrtchk Check SSL Cert/Key to make sure they match
lsrpaf Install mod_rpaf to set correct client IP behind a proxy.
lspma Installs phpMyAdmin
lsnginx Replace Apache with nginx/php-fpm
lshaproxy Install HAProxy on this server
lshppool Adds a new pool to an existing HAProxy config
lswhatis Output the script that would be run with a specific command.
lsnodejs Installs Node.js and Node Package Manager
lsapitools Installs API tools for Rackspace Cloud
lsrecap Installs Recap - rackerlabs/recap
lsnova Nova Configuration generator


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