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Project Structure Sample

This repostory complements a medium post explaining a project structure focused on keeping back end and front end separated.

Getting Started

First thing you need to do is install dependencies:

$ npm install

Then you can run the SPA and the API in development mode (watching for changes) with:

$ npm start

And, if you have docker installed, you can dockerize it and run it with:

$ npm start:docker

web and api folders

Each folder has its own scripts you can run if you just want to work in one part of the app.

npm scripts

npm install

npm install will install the root folder (development) dependencies, and after that do the same with web dependencies and api dependencies.

npm start

npm start will run both subfolders' npm start in parallel using npm-run-all.

npm run build

npm run build will run both subfolders' npm run build in parallel.

npm run start:docker

npm run start:docker first call npm build then build, create and start two containers, one for node running the api, and the other running nginx serving the static SPA files and proxying all requests starting in /api/ to the node container.
After that it opens a browser on "http://localhost:8000/".

You can stop the containers with npm run stop:docker.


MIT Hexacta

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