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Shopify Packer

Modern development tool for Shopify using Webpack 5. Easy to extend and customize, zero build config, comes with starter themes and compatible with existing Shopify sites.

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  • Webpack 5
  • Stylelint
  • ESLint
  • Babel
  • PostCSS
  • SCSS
  • Analyze bundles
  • Liquid code in stylesheets
  • Webpack config is easy to modify (use dev.config.js and prod.config.js)
  • App server loads scripts and stylesheets locally
  • Hot Module Reloading for rapid development
  • Multiple entrypoints for templates and layouts
  • List themes on store
  • Delete themes from CLI
  • Create new empty theme in Shopify from CLI
  • Download existing themes
  • Download files/sync changes
  • Init base packer theme from cli or use a custom github repo

Getting started

Packer needs to be installed once globally.


yarn global add @hayes0724/shopify-packer


npm i @hayes0724/shopify-packer -g


View the docs website for usage


If you have questions or need help, please ask in GitHub Discussions.


View recent changes here


We ❤️ pull requests, please read the Contributing guide before getting started.

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