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Developer's Portfolio ✨

It is a personal static website/portfolio template hosted with GitHub Pages, built to showcase my recent projects. Site URL / Demo:

About Me

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Table of Contents

Technology Stack 🛠️

Dependencies defined in package.json:

Reactjs | Bootstrap | Typist | GitHub API | Instagram API

Structure ⚓

  • Navigation bar (optional)
  • Body
    • Name | Profession
    • Contact / Follow / Find me / Facebook / LinkedIn / GitHub / Instagram / Email / CodePen
    • Resume | About me
  • About Me
    • Display picture (optional)
    • About myself, my Interests, Goals and Hobbies
    • Things I'm good at (Skills)
    • Resume button
  • Recent Projects (using GitHub API) (optional)
  • Leadership (optional)
    • Paragraph
    • Carousel images
  • Skills (optional)
    • Technical Skills
    • Soft Skills
  • Footer
    • Footer Note (optional)
    • Copyrights - open source
    • Acknowledgements(

Sharing 💗

Project is open source. Feel free to make your own version. All you need to do is to fork this repository, edit src/editable-stuff/config.js and add resume. Mark star ⭐ if you like the project.

Prerequisites 🍪

You should have Node.js and Git installed on your PC. You should also own a GitHub account.

Setup And Deployment 🔧

  1. To Get Started, Fork this repository to your GitHub account:

  2. Clone the forked repo from your account using:

      git clone<your-username>/home.git
  3. Open in editor and edit src/editable-stuff/config.js file.

  4. Add your resume as <resume.pdf> in place of src/editable-stuff/resume.pdf

  5. Edit title and meta description in public/index.html.

  6. Change URL in package.json file:

     "homepage": "https://<your-username>"

    Or for deployment at custom domain, refer

  7. After editing run the following bash commands:

    npm install
    npm start
  8. To deploy website, run:

     npm run build
     npm run deploy

    Or for deployment at <username>, refer READMEdocs/ and pages.js

  9. Congrats your site is up and running. To see it live, visit:

  10. To change the thumbnail image:

    • Navigate to the "public" folder.
    • There you will see "social-image.png".
    • Delete it.
    • Take a screenshot of your version and rename it "social-image.png" and place it there.

Next time if you make changes, repeat from step 8.

Facing issues? Feel free to contact at [email protected].

Showcase 🚀

Have you changed something in the code to create your own version? Feel free to share with me, I will list them in this space.

Guhyun Chung

Hamza Sohail

Aymun Tariq

Ana Ashrafi

Jeffery John

Remi Mestdagh

Xun Ding

Shannel Philp

Bibin Varghese

Versão em Português 🇧🇷

Esse projeto foi traduzido para português! Se você gostou dele e quer criar a sua própria versão, confira o repositório do @tashima42 em Novas contribuições e revisões na tradução são muito bem vindas!


This project has been archived. Means that it is no longer actively maintained by developer. Free free to fork, use and maintain your own version. You can check my new portfolio template here

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Stargazers over time

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