Ultimate Facebook Scraper

🤖 A Software that automates your social media interactions to collect posts, photos, videos, interests, friends, followers, and much more on Facebook.
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Ultimate Facebook Scraper2,520
a month ago20mit
🤖 A Software that automates your social media interactions to collect posts, photos, videos, interests, friends, followers, and much more on Facebook.
a month ago8June 05, 202117mitPython
Automated Tinder bot and scraper using selenium in python.
Facebook Scraper Selenium63
3 years ago2gpl-3.0Python
2 years agogpl-3.0Python
A simple python3 script used to download a users's friend list from facebook.
Facebook Scraper2
6 years agoPython
Scrape the text of timeline posts of Facebook friends.
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Ultimate Facebook Scraper - UFS

The ultimate Facebook Data Collection Software for: Businesses, Sales & Marketing People and Researchers

Software that automates your social media interactions to collect posts (text, likes/reactions, comments etc), photos, interests (likes), bio data (contact details etc), videos, friends, followers and much more on Facebook.

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2nd Spot in Top Trending Python Repositories on GitHub

UFS trended among top Python repositories on GitHub for 3 consecutive weeks 🌟

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Awards/Achievements 🏆

Features 🚀

A Software that scrapes the following sections from Facebook:

1) User's Profile/Account

  • posts/statuses available on the user's timeline including text, date posted, likes/reactions/comments (total stats, comment text, user profiles of people who interacted)
  • about/intro sections (including work and education, places lived, contact info (email, phone number, location etc)
  • photos (uploaded and tagged)
  • videos (uploaded and tagged)
  • user likes (pages liked including movies, books, interests etc)
  • friends list and their profile photos (including Followers, Following, Work Friends, College Friends etc)
  • events
  • check-ins (places visited)

2) Public Facebook Page

  • posts done by the Facebook page including text, date posted, likes/reactions/comments (total stats, comment text, user profiles of people who interacted)
  • about/intro sections (including page info and contact details like email, phone number, location, total likes, followers count etc)
  • photos
  • videos

3) Facebook Group

  • posts in the group (also called Discussions) including data of post owner, text, date posted, likes/reactions/comments (total stats, comment text, user profiles of members who interacted)
  • about/intro sections (including group info and contact details like email, phone number, location, total members/admins, posting rules etc)
  • group members and admins list including their bio data and profile links
  • photos
  • videos

Data is scraped/downloaded in an organized format (CSV and JSON format) for ease of analysis and to be readily utilized in sales & marketing outreach efforts for B2B/B2C lead generation. Lets get things done? Purhcase 🤝

Testimonials 💯 👍

The best service I got! I had the pleasure to have a meeting with Haris to learn how to use a tool that he created called "UFS". He is a great professional and very friendly, with a lot of experience and knowledge to share with others. His ability to teach and explain the requirements to use the tool was very clear. I Highly recommend working with him!!. UFS is a great software developed by Haris and excellent service that is worth buying

  • Cristóbal V. (Civil Industrial Engineer)

It was great to e-meet Haris and go over the new functions of the Ultimate Facebook Scraper. This tool is invaluable to me and my line of work. Set up was easy, and Haris made sure to go over each of the pertinent functions. I highly recommend Haris and the tools he creates!

  • Tim I. (Business Owner)

Superb customer service! Haris continued to update the tool with new functionality after purchase.

  • Georg H. (Data Science Researcher)

Haris was extremely helpful and patient with his instructions as well as helping me understand how his scraper works and the necessities of certain functions and libraries. Very pleased with the program and the professionalism. This inspires me to improve upon it as well as helping me understand web scrapers more. Thank you Haris!

  • Suksan S. (Cybersecurity Student)

Haris was very helpful and professional with plenty of knowledge in the field. He explained everything about his awesome software in detail including information that is necessary to know. “UFS '' is the best and easy to use with outstanding customer service, which is why Haris' tool is your best bet for scraping Facebook. A strong recommendation.

  • Armin M. (NLP Practitioner & Researcher)

I am a master student who was looking for a tool to scrape public Facebook user profile information including posts & photos, I found the tool Ultimate Facebook Scraper - UFS on Github and immediately realized that this is what i was looking for, a great tool developed by a great programmer which is simple to use and it helped me to achieve my goals with my thesis

  • Hamzeh K. (Master's Student)

and many more satisfied customers..

Price 💳

Discount offer valid till Monday. Feel free to email me at [email protected] for latest updates or if you have any questions/issues. You can buy the software today and schedule the installation for any other day when convenient for you. The purchase includes a one-on-one TeamViewer meeting through which I will install this Software on your computer, train you on its usage and share best practices for scraping. The software also comes with an instructions file with easy-to-follow installations steps incase you prefer to do the installation on your own.

This is a one-time payment for UFS. I will be available for any maintenance/support required for free in order to provide you the best customer service so you can solely focus on achieving your business outcomes.

Pro Version (119$) 169$

  • allows you to scrape all sections for a User's Profile/Account

Ultimate Version (189$) 289$

  • gives you all features of Pro version plus allows you to scrape Facebook Public Pages and Facebook Groups.

Purchase 🤝

For payment, you can follow these simple steps:

1) Free signup at Wise using this link: https://transferwise.com/invite/u/harism95. (Signing up through this link will save you from any transcation fee on the payment)

2) Select the sending currency to be USD or equivalent amount of USD in your supported local currency i.e (119$ for Pro and 189$ for Ultimate). It supports multiple payment options (credit card, debit card, wire transfer etc)

3) Select 'Someone else' option, then it will show my info as the recipient, select it. If my name isn't shown, then type my email [email protected] in recipients and the IBAN number is: PK37FAYS3241307000000167

4) Choose the reason for transfer to be 'General' and in the reference section, you can mention your email.

After the payment, please share a screenshot of the payment receipt at [email protected] and we will schedule your installation meeting which takes upto 20min.

Payment via Crypto is also supported


  1. Using the Binance network, you can pay USDT (189USDT for Ultimate and 119USDT for Pro) and the chain is Tron (TRC20)
  2. The wallet is: TD7VYFJKzq3Lz6Hr19ftfqvwrRsFTmHPwT
  3. Sample Screenshot

If you face any issue in doing payment then feel free to get in touch with me at [email protected] Thank you for your support!

Important Notes 📑

Please read these points before purchasing the tool:

  • The default language of Facebook should be set to English for this tool to work properly. The interface needs to be in English, the post text and all other data can be scraped in any language :)
  • If there's any specific use case of yours which the tool doesn't support currently then feel free to send me an email at [email protected] and we will discuss it further.
  • This tool is not meant for massive scraping (thousands of posts or friends etc). It might be possible but the rate of scraping would be slower in that scenario.
  • Facebook has taken aggressive measures against scraping so sometimes the account you are using to scrape data might get temporarily blocked (though there are some ways to circumvent this issue which I will share during the TeamViewer installation meeting)

For more details, feel free to reach me at [email protected]

Hey there, I'm Haris Ultimate Facebook Scraper (UFS) - Maker of Things

Creator of Ultimate Facebook Scraper (one of the best software to collect Facebook data for research & analysis)

🌐 Connect

🤝 Consulting / Coaching

Stuck with some problem? Need help in solution development, guidance, training or capacity building? I am a Full Stack Engineer turned Project Manager with years of technical and leadership experience in a diverse range of technologies and domains. Let me know what problem you are facing at [email protected] and we can schedule a consultation meeting to help you get through it.

👨‍💻 Technical Skills & Expertise

  • Development of Web Applications, Mobile Applications, and Desktop Applications
  • Development of Machine Learning/Deep Learning models, and deployment
  • Web Scraping, Browser Automation, Python Scripting

If you liked the repo then kindly support it by giving it a star ⭐ and share in your circles so more people can benefit from the effort.

Disclaimer ⚠️

The developers of this software won't be responsible for any misuse of data collected using this tool. This tool has been used by many researchers, marketers, business owners and open source intelligence (OSINT) analysts.

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