Create Html5 Boilerplate

npx quick start for html5-boilerplate

Create HTML5 Boilerplate

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Quick start for HTML5 Boilerplate. Get up and running with one command.

Getting Started

You can get started using one of three options- npx, npm init, or yarn create Using npx

npx create-html5-boilerplate new-site
cd new-site
npm install
npm start

Using npm init

npm init html5-boilerplate new-site
cd new-site
npm install
npm start

Using yarn

yarn create html5-boilerplate new-site
cd new-site
yarn install
yarn start

These commands are equivalent and do the following:

  1. Download and install the latest version of HTML5 Boilerplate
  2. Installs dependencies
  3. Bundles site assets and start a web server using Parcel
  4. Opens a web browser pointed to http://localhost:1234/


create-html5-boilerplate is cross-platform. It works wherever node and npm work. The only requirements are for npx, which requires npm version 5.2 or greater and npm init which requires an npm version greater than 6.0. If you're stuck on an older version of npm you can still use create-html5-boilerplate by running the following command to install the project globally.

npm install -g create-html5-boilerplate

Then you can use create-html5-boilerplate as in the following example

create-html5-boilerplate new-site
cd new-site
npm install
npm start

Installing Specific Versions

You can also install a specific version:

npx create-html5-boilerplate new-site --release=7.2.0
cd new-site
npm install
npm start


Setting Up a Local Copy

  1. Clone the repo with git clone
  2. Run npm install in the root create-html5-boilerplate folder.
  3. Run npm link to make npm run local copy instead of downloading from registry
  4. Now you can use npm init html5-boilerplate and npx create-html5-boilerplate

note: you can use npx create-html5-boilerplate ./out/example from create-html5-boilerplate without running npm link also its possible to run directly NodeJS entry point node index.js ./out/example or npm start ./out is git ignored folder, so you should use this folder for tests.

If you want to try out the end-to-end flow with the global CLI, you can do this too:

npx create-html5-boilerplate ./out/new-site
cd new-site
npm install
npm start


Tests are written using jest and located in tests/test.js run npm test

run coverage reports npm run coverage

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