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TimeTrack-Log for Git

Use git logs to give an estimation of spent time on your projects.


  • Clone the project somewhere
  • Copy the ''bin/git-timetrack-log'' file in ''/usr/local/bin''


To get the total time spent on your git project

$ git timetrack-log


(1.36) 2012-12-31T11:15:31+01:00 - 2012-12-31T12:36:55+01:00
        * Glenn Y. Rolland <[email protected]>
          Fix filtering.
        * Glenn Y. Rolland <[email protected]>
          Time range extractor for git.

TOTAL: 3.36 hours

To get the time spent on your project since a given date

$ git timetrack-log -d 2013-03-01
set date filter to 2013-03-01
(1.0) 2013-09-23T13:02:39+02:00 - 2013-09-23T14:02:39+02:00
        * Glenn Y. Rolland <[email protected]>
          Add support for import / export / merge of ranges.

TOTAL: 1.00 hours

For other possibilities

$ git timetrack-log -h

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