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Distributing WPA hash cracking.

Management tool for WPA hash cracking with a distributable software including WebUI.

In order to crack a WPA hash you must upload a valid handshake in .cap format to the WebUI. The agents software runs the password list in a distributed manner, more agents will result in a faster scan procedure.

For more information on capture handshake, see here.



  • List of loaded hashes and current state.
  • Managing a list of loaded hashes and users.


  • JDK 1.8.
  • postgresql.
  • Requires python for agent users.


Compile and run with arguments:

  • replace the {parameter} in the command below with the relevant paramerts.
  • java -jar --login.master.password={admin-password} --spring.datasource.url={postresql-url} --spring.datasource.username={postresql-username} --spring.datasource.password={postgresql-password} cabreaker-server.jar


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