This project is a step by step guide on how to create a simple API using Go programming language. The purpose of the project is to demonstrate to new comers the language features, concepts and how to create a fully tested, readable and maintainable project.
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Puppy API rip off (exercise)

Simple api that serves recipes for puppies. This project is a step by step guide on how to create a simple api using Go programming language. The purpose of the project is to demonstrate to new comers the language basic features and concepts.

The exercise is based on recipepuppy free api. All the puppy recipes used were also retrieved from there.

Project is divided into nine steps, each step has its own branch.

  • 00-CI
  • 01-Server
  • 02-Configuration
  • 03-Logging
  • 04-Handlers
  • 05-Routes
  • 06-Database
  • 07-Handler-real-data
  • 08-Middleware
  • 09-Authentication
  • 10-Swagger


  • Go
  • Docker

Starting database container

docker-compose up -d

Setup databases

Set up required databases. At each execution recreates database and re imports data.

make db

Set up/reset only dev-db

make db-dev

Set up/reset only test-db

make db-test


Most of the project values can be configured by editing config.yaml, config file is located under the project root folder.

You can use the following config format types

  • JSON
  • TOML
  • YAML
  • HCL
  • envfile

You can override any config value by using environmental values, for example to override token.ttl you need to set an environmental variable with key RECIPE_TOKEN_TTL

Project is using Viper config a complete configuration solution for Go applications

Running tests

make test

Running project

make run

Building project

make build

Running linter

make lint

if you are behind a corporate firewall using a custom certificate use

make lint-insecure

Project is using golang lint linter

Usage examples

Get recipe [GET]

Get Recipes [GET]

User Sign up [POST]

    "email":"[email protected]",
    "fullName":"test user"

User Sign in [POST][body]
    "username": "username1",
    "password": "password"

User Profile [GET]


For your convenience Postman collection/environment files are available at


Available Parameters explanation:

  • ingredient : list of ingredients
  • term : text search in titles
  • page : page number

Swagger Docs

You can view swagger docs after running the app here

Project is using swaggo/swag to generate/update swagger docs you can install the cli using the following command

go get

Update swagger docs

swag init --dir cmd/api --output api/swagger


make swagger


  • George Lavdanis - Initial work - georlav


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details

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