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Check out the Elements of Programming Interviews author's official, pre-release EPIJudge here.

Elements of Programming Interviews - Java

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This repository contains method stubs and tests of the problems from Elements Of Programming Interviews by Adnan Aziz, Tsung-Hsien Lee, and Amit Prakash. This book is also available in Python and C++.

Suggested usage:

  • Purchase Elements of Programming Interviews
  • Fork master (top right corner on github)
  • Clone your forked repository
  • Solve a problem on a blackboard/whiteboard/paper/google doc
  • Program your solution to see if the test cases pass
  • Repeat previous two steps until no problems are left


Having trouble solving a problem?

  • The book contains descriptions and hints that I intentionally omitted from this repository
  • The book contains thorough solutions
  • My (sometimes commented) solutions are available

This project is open source so please fork it and help me create a supplement to this phenomenal book. Always looking for edge cases.

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