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Table of content

Table of content

What is DDDplus?

DDDplus, originally cp-ddd-framework(cp means Central Platform:中台), is a lightweight flexible development framework for complex business architecture.

Originated from business,serve business!




Current status

Used for several complex critical central platform projects in production environment.



Please visit Quickstart.


  • Based on DDD, but beyond DDD
  • 14 key business abstractions cover most complex business scenarios
  • Full layered extensibility
  • Empowers InnerSource
  • Provide maven archetype that generates a DDDplus integrated project
  • Total solutions oriented
  • Above all, DDDplus is simple enough


  • 以DDD架构思想为本,面向复杂业务场景架构设计
    • 通过代码框架提供足够的约束和指导,让DDD不再仅停留在思想层面
    • 只引入弱依赖的 IDomainModel,弱化其他概念,降低DDD上手门槛
    • 提供 dddplus-archetype,直接生成最佳实践的脚手架代码
    • DDD分层架构上增加一层spec layer,解决前中台协同问题
  • 14个核心业务抽象(常用9个),勾勒出业务中台骨架
    • 中台架构的顶层设计
    • less is more,以不变应万变
    • 研发专注于填空式开发,只需解决局部问题
  • 全方位解决业务的不确定性
    • 业务逻辑、流程、逻辑模型、数据模型的扩展、多态体系
    • 框架本身支持再次扩展,便于被集成
    • 抽象出独立的业务扩展包,框架底层通过ClassLoader机制进行业务隔离,支持热更新
    • 平台容器包、平台业务包与业务扩展包:分离
  • 支撑中台战略的复杂生态协作
    • 前台、中台解耦
    • 业务隔离,不同前台间业务隔离,前台和中台隔离
    • 支持稳态、敏态双速应用
    • InnerSource,生态合作协同机制
  • 完整的解决方案
  • DDDplus框架,始终保持简单性


   ├── dddplus-spec    - Specification of DDDplus
   ├── dddplus-runtime - Runtime implementation
   ├── dddplus-plugin  - Plugin jar hot reloading mechanism
   ├── dddplus-unit    - Extra unit test facilities
   ├── dddplus-enforce - Enforce expected evolvement of the business architecture
   └── dddplus-test    - Fully covered unit test cases

Key abstractions

Using DDDplus





dependencies {
    compile 'io.github.dddplus:dddplus-runtime:1.1.2'

Building from Source

git clone
cd cp-ddd-framework/
mvn install

With dddplus-archetype

mvn archetype:generate                          \
    -DarchetypeGroupId=io.github.dddplus        \
    -DarchetypeArtifactId=dddplus-archetype     \
    -DarchetypeVersion=1.1.1                    \ -DartifactId=demo         \ -Dversion=1.0.0-SNAPSHOT  \

For more, please visit dddplus-archetype project.


DDDplus Ecosystem

  • dddplus-archetype
    • a maven archetype that generates a complete DDDplus driven project skeleton
  • dddplus-visualizer
    • a CLI parsing DDDplus driven project Java AST with ANTLR and visualize your business artifacts


Please visit FAQ.

Landscape of Central Platform



You are welcome to contribute to the project with pull requests on GitHub.

If you find a bug or want to request a feature, please use the Issue Tracker.

For any question, you can use Gitter Chat to ask.

Release Planning

Interested on when the next release is coming? Check our release planning document for details.


DDDplus is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this project except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

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