Django Froala Editor

Package to integrate Froala WYSIWYG HTML rich text editor with Django.
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Alternatives To Django Froala Editor
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Django Froala WYSIWYG Editor

django-froala-editor package helps integrate Froala WYSIWYG HTML editor with Django.

Getting started

  1. Install the package:

pip install django-froala-editor

if not update in pypi use this

pip install


Add the directory froala_editor from this repo to your Python path.

  1. Add froala_editor to INSTALLED_APPS in

  2. Add the following line to urlpatterns in your application's

from froala_editor import views

In your urlpatterns array add


Skip this url inclusion if you don't want image and file upload inside WYSIWYG editor. Images from URLs can still be embedded.

To add third-party plugins

In froala_editor\ add



from django.db import models
from froala_editor.fields import FroalaField

class Page(models.Model):
  content = FroalaField()

FroalaField uses froala_editor.widgets.FroalaEditor as its widget. You may directly use this widget with any of your

from django import forms
from froala_editor.widgets import FroalaEditor

class PageForm(forms.ModelForm):
  content = forms.CharField(widget=FroalaEditor)

Usage outside admin

When used outside the Django admin, the media files are to be manually included in the template. Inside the <head> section or before the form is rendered, include:

{{ }}

Usage with virtual environment

To use Froala Editor in virtual environment, see for how to setup virtual environment & to start your application in virtual environment.


Froala Editor provides several options for customizing the editor. See for all available options. You can provide a dictionary of these options as FROALA_EDITOR_OPTIONS setting in These options would then be used for all instances of the WYSIWYG editor in the project.

Options for individual field can also be provided via FroalaField or FroalaEditor class. This overrides any options set via FROALA_EDITOR_OPTIONS:

from django.db import models
from froala_editor.fields import FroalaField

class Page(models.Model):
  content = FroalaField(options={
    'toolbarInline': True,
from django import forms
from froala_editor.widgets import FroalaEditor

class PageForm(forms.ModelForm):
  content = forms.TextField(widget=FroalaEditor(options={
    'toolbarInline': True,


You may provide the name of the theme to be used as theme argument to FroalaField or FroalaEditor.

from django.db import models
from froala_editor.fields import FroalaField

class Page(models.Model):
  content = FroalaField(theme='dark')

FROALA_EDITOR_THEME can be set in making all instances of the editor to use a theme. However, theme argument in FroalaField and FroalaEditor overrides FROALA_EDITOR_THEME. Using a theme named 'dark' would require the existence of the file froala_editor/static/froala_editor/css/themes/dark.min.css. Available themes are: 'dark', 'gray' and 'red'.


Froala Editor comes with the plugins: block style, text & background colors, font size, font family, insert video, insert table, media manager, lists and file upload. By default, all plugins are enabled by default in this package. See for all available plugins.

FROALA_EDITOR_PLUGINS can be set in to tell which plugins should all instances of Froala Editor be using. By default, it is

FROALA_EDITOR_PLUGINS = ('align', 'char_counter', 'code_beautifier' ,'code_view', 'colors', 'draggable', 'emoticons',
        'entities', 'file', 'font_family', 'font_size', 'fullscreen', 'image_manager', 'image', 'inline_style',
        'line_breaker', 'link', 'lists', 'paragraph_format', 'paragraph_style', 'quick_insert', 'quote', 'save', 'table',
        'url', 'video')

The usage of plugins argument with FroalaEditor or FroalaField overrides this for that particular instance.

from django.db import models
from froala_editor.fields import FroalaField

class Page(models.Model):
  content = FroalaField(plugins=('font_size', 'font_family'))

Third party integrations

FROALA_EDITOR_THIRD_PARTY setting can be used to configure third party integrations. Aviary Image Editor and SCAYT Web SpellChecker are available for now. To enable, in

FRAOLA_EDITOR_THIRD_PARTY = ('image_aviary', 'spell_checker')

Similar to plugin configuration, this can also be overridden on ForalaEditor and FroalaField.

Use your key for SCAYT Web SpellChecker with SCAYT_CUSTOMER_ID in your project setings.

Image upload

FroalaEditor and FroalaField optionally take in a boolean value for image_upload argument to enable or disable image uploads. Image uploads are enabled by default if the urls of this package are included in your

You can use FROALA_UPLOAD_PATH setting in to change the path where uploaded files are stored within the MEDIA_ROOT. By default, uploads/froala_editor/images is used for storing uploaded images.

Other Settings

USE_FROALA_EDITOR - default True
If set to Falsein your Django settings disables Froala editor and uses a TextArea instead.

This allows for the storage used for uploaded images and files to be changed through settings. If nothing is provided it uses default_storage, otherwise it uses this backend. Using this you can specify a different storage backend like S3 only for Froala.

FROALA_JS_COOKIE - default False.
If set to True, it assumes js-cookie is installed and included to get the CSRF token using js-cookie.


To publish to PyPi, the following command should be run:

python sdist upload -r pypi


This package is available under BSD License. However, in order to use Froala WYSIWYG HTML Editor plugin you should purchase a license for it.

See for licensing the Froala Editor.

If you bought a license and got your key, the easiest way to implement it is to put it into the FROALA_EDITOR_OPTIONS setting in

  'key': '<our key goes here>',
  # other options
  # ...
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