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The main goal of puddles is to make the Redux pattern easy, without all of the boilerplate. If you like the Redux pattern, but wish you could code it in a more functional style, then puddles is for you.

With puddles you get all of these for free:

To whet your appetite, try the obligatory Hello World example:

const { compose, constant, merge, path } = require('tinyfunk')
const p = require('puddles')

const actions = {
  reset:   constant(p.action('RESET', null)),
  setName: p.action('SET_NAME')

const reducers = {
  name: p.handle('world', {
    RESET:    constant('world'),
    SET_NAME: (state, name) => merge(state, { name })

const targetVal = path(['target', 'value'])

const view = (actions, state) => {
  const { reset, setName } = actions
  const { name } = state

  return p('div#root', [
    p('div.greeting', `Hello ${name}!`),

    p('', {
      attrs: { placeholder: 'Enter name...' },
      on: { input: compose(setName, targetVal) },
      props: { value: name }

    p('button.reset', { on: { click: reset } }, 'Reset')

const root = document.getElementById('root')

p.mount({ actions, reducers, root, view })

Notice anything missing? There is no dispatch function! The setName action creator attached to the input event is composed with the dispatch function internally.

Impressed? Read the full documentation to learn more.

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