Django Graphql Jwt

JSON Web Token (JWT) authentication for Graphene Django
Alternatives To Django Graphql Jwt
Project NameStarsDownloadsRepos Using ThisPackages Using ThisMost Recent CommitTotal ReleasesLatest ReleaseOpen IssuesLicenseLanguage
Django Allauth7,9725,1601113 days ago66June 07, 2022366mitPython
Integrated set of Django applications addressing authentication, registration, account management as well as 3rd party (social) account authentication.
Django Social Auth2,56429936 years ago84September 07, 20134otherPython
Django social authentication made simple
Django Rest Auth2,3311,1092410 months ago25April 01, 2019234mitPython
This app makes it extremely easy to build Django powered SPA's (Single Page App) or Mobile apps exposing all registration and authentication related functionality as CBV's (Class Base View) and REST (JSON)
Djoser2,28821256 days ago48October 30, 2020166mitPython
REST implementation of Django authentication system.
Social App Django1,8151,172524 days ago14August 05, 2021128bsd-3-clausePython
Python Social Auth - Application - Django
Django Two Factor Auth1,40892511 days ago37June 06, 202294mitPython
Complete Two-Factor Authentication for Django providing the easiest integration into most Django projects.
Dj Rest Auth1,290713 days ago37March 30, 2022141mitPython
Authentication for Django Rest Framework
Awesome Django Rest Framework935
a year ago1gpl-3.0
💻😍Tools, processes and resources you need to create an awesome API with Django REST Framework
Django Rest Knox908162134 months ago25January 31, 202269mitPython
Authentication Module for django rest auth
Django Sesame847101a month ago16May 05, 20212bsd-3-clausePython
"Magic Links" - URLs with authentication tokens for one-click login
Alternatives To Django Graphql Jwt
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Django GraphQL JWT

JSON Web Token authentication for Django GraphQL.
Fantastic documentation is available at

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Install last stable version from Pypi:

pip install django-graphql-jwt

Add AuthenticationMiddleware middleware to your MIDDLEWARE settings:

    # ...
    # ...

Add JSONWebTokenMiddleware middleware to your GRAPHENE settings:

    "SCHEMA": "mysite.myschema.schema",

Add JSONWebTokenBackend backend to your AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS:



Add django-graphql-jwt mutations to the root schema:

import graphene
import graphql_jwt

class Mutation(graphene.ObjectType):
    token_auth = graphql_jwt.ObtainJSONWebToken.Field()
    verify_token = graphql_jwt.Verify.Field()
    refresh_token = graphql_jwt.Refresh.Field()

schema = graphene.Schema(mutation=Mutation)
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