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Fullstack Stripe Payments for the JavaScript Developer
Alternatives To Stripe Payments Js Course
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Stripe Ios1,810
44320 hours ago137August 16, 202280mitSwift
Stripe iOS SDK
Payum1,7392763917 days ago130July 04, 202293mitPHP
PHP 7+ Payment processing library. It offers everything you need to work with payments: Credit card & offsite purchasing, subscriptions, payouts etc. - provided by Forma-Pro
React Native Payments1,53923418 days ago19May 25, 2021156JavaScript
Accept Payments with Apple Pay and Android Pay using the Payment Request API.
52 days ago72June 07, 202212mitRuby
Payments for Ruby on Rails apps
Stripe Payments Demo1,436
a year ago22mitJavaScript
Sample store accepting universal payments on the web with Stripe Elements, Payment Request, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Microsoft Pay, and the PaymentIntents API. 💳🌍✨
Dj Stripe1,381692a day ago76July 02, 202273mitPython
dj-stripe automatically syncs your Stripe Data to your local database as pre-implemented Django Models allowing you to use the Django ORM, in your code, to work with the data making it easier and faster.
4 days ago469Python
Source code of the recurrent donations platform Liberapay
Sample Vue Shop1,197
6 months ago21mitVue
See readme for newer repo details! A sample shop that shows how to manage payments with Vue, Stripe, and Serverless Functions
Koudoku1,1572022 years ago20November 18, 201773mitRuby
Robust subscription support for Rails with Stripe.
Stripe Android1,0762983a day ago174July 06, 202284mitKotlin
Stripe Android SDK
Alternatives To Stripe Payments Js Course
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Fullstack Stripe Payments for the JavaScript Developer

Build a fullstack Stripe Payments solution with Node.js. Learn the following concepts...

  • Build a secure backend with Node.js & Express
  • Manage Stripe Checkout sessions
  • Use the Payment Intents API to support 3D Secure Payments
  • Recurring subscriptions & webhooks
  • Customize the UI with Stripe Elements
  • Integrate with real cloud infrastructure (Firebase Auth & Firestore)
  • Deploy as a Docker Container OR to Firebase Cloud Functions

Try the Live Demo (React).

Enroll in the Stripe JavaScript Course.


Clone this repo.

Backend Setup

The /server directory contains the Node.js API. Replace the .env file with your API credentials.

cd server
npm install

npm run dev

Running Webhooks in Development

Install the Stripe CLI to run webhooks in development.

stripe listen --forward-to localhost:3333/hooks

Frontend Setup

The backend API can be integrated with the following frontend frameworks.


cd react-app
npm install
npm start


Work in Progress


Work in Progress


Option 1 - Docker

Dockerize the server for deployment to services like Cloud Run, GKE, Elastic Beanstalk, etc.

cd server
docker build -t fireship/stripe-server .
docker run -p 3333:3333 fireship/stripe-server 

Option 2 - Firebase Cloud Functions

Deploy to Cloud Functions to simplify your code with a tight integration to Firebase.

firebase deploy --only functions
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