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🚀 Html webpack boilerplate

devDependencies dependencies

Demo Page

⚙️ Features

  • Webpack 5
  • Babel
  • PostCSS
  • ESlint
  • Stylelint
  • Prettier
  • devServer

🏁 Quick start

# Download repository:
git clone simple-boilerplate

# Go to the app:
cd simple-boilerplate

# Install dependencies:
npm install

# Server with live reload at http://localhost:8000/
npm run start

🏁 npx

You can copy this command and paste into terminal. The project will be downloaded and launched. Enjoy.

npx create-simple-boilerplate new-site
cd new-site
npm install
npm start

🏁 Production build

# Output will be at dist/ folder
npm run build
npm yarn actions
npm install yarn install install
npm run start yarn start development
npm run build yarn build production
npm run fix yarn fix fix file with linters

👏 Show your support

Please ⭐️ this repository if this project helped you!

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