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simple color field for your models with a nice color-picker in the admin-interface.



  • Run pip install django-colorfield
  • Add colorfield to settings.INSTALLED_APPS
  • Run python collectstatic
  • Restart your application server



This package doesn't need any setting.


Just add color field(s) to your models like this:

from colorfield.fields import ColorField
from django.db import models

class MyModel(model.Model):
    color = ColorField(default='#FF0000')


The admin will kindly provide a simple color picker for all color fields. :)


# create python virtual environment
virtualenv testing_django_colorfield

# activate virtualenv
cd testing_django_colorfield && . bin/activate

# clone repo
git clone src && cd src

# install dev requirements
pip install -r requirements.txt

# run tests
# or
python test
# or
python -m django test --settings "tests.settings"


Originally developed by Jared Forsyth


Released under MIT License.

See also

  • django-admin-interface - the default admin interface made customizable by the admin itself. popup windows replaced by modals. 🧙 ⚡

  • django-extra-settings - config and manage typed extra settings using just the django admin. ⚙️

  • django-maintenance-mode - shows a 503 error page when maintenance-mode is on. 🚧 🛠️

  • django-redirects - redirects with full control. ↪️

  • django-treenode - probably the best abstract model / admin for your tree based stuff. 🌳

  • python-benedict - dict subclass with keylist/keypath support, I/O shortcuts (base64, csv, json, pickle, plist, query-string, toml, xml, yaml) and many utilities. 📘

  • python-codicefiscale - encode/decode Italian fiscal codes - codifica/decodifica del Codice Fiscale. 🇮🇹 💳

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