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PureScript react-basic TodoMVC

An implementation of TodoMVC in PureScript using the react-basic library.

You can see this deployed here at

Project structure

  • Entry point for the app is index.js, that imports React and just instantiates the Todo.Main component (defined in PureScript). This is where you might want to hook up more JS components in your project.
  • The tasklist is defined in the Main component. The list of tasks is kept in this component's State, together with some more things (e.g. the current selector, etc.)
  • The above component then creates a Task component for every task. The only state we need to keep in it is the current edits for a focused Task.
  • Some things are achieved with a thin layer of JS FFI: LocalStorage and routing


## Install npm dependencies, PureScript compiler, etc
npm install

## Build the PureScript project
npm run build

## Start the dev server with hot reload and stuff
## Note: Parcel has hot reload on JS files only, so if you'd like to reload
## when changing PureScript files, you have two options:
## - use an editor integration - this will run `purs ide` and recompile the files you edit
## - run `spago build --watch` in another terminal
## Note: the hot reload won't work if you change any FFI file,
## so you'll have to `yarn build` again in this case.
npm start

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