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Exercism Raku Track

Exercism exercises in Raku

Contributing Guide

Please see the contributing guide.

Code of Conduct

Help us keep Exercism welcoming. Please read and abide by the Code of Conduct.

Adding and Updating Exercises

Please use exercise-gen.raku in the bin/ directory when either adding or updating an exercise. The bin/ directory contains a with information on how to use the generator.

When adding a new exercise, ensure that the exercise is included in the exercises array in config.json.

Running The Tests

Run prove -re raku exercises/practice/*/.meta/solutions/ to run all exercise tests.

Raku icon

The Raku "Camelia" logo is owned by Larry Wall and is released under version 2.0 of the Artistic License. We are using it to identify the Raku language itself, not any part of Exercism, which we believe to be admissible under fair use. The version of the logo that we are using is an adaptation of the logo found on

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