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React Discord Clone

Functional Discord Clone written in Typescript using React, Socket IO, NodeJS, Express and MySQL

View the live verison at ->

Check out the backend code! ->

** NOTE - This project is not currently maintained. **

Originally started as a simple chatting application to test my Frontend + Backend skills, magically turned into a Discord Clone.

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Implemented Features

  • [x] Real time messaging using Socket IO
  • [x] Local Authentication
  • [x] Loads User Data upon login (Servers, Channels, Private Messages)
  • [x] Creation and Joining Servers
  • [x] Creation of Channels in a Server
  • [x] Server Settings (Change name and delete)
  • [x] Channel Settings (Change name and delete)
  • [x] Persistent channel history
  • [x] Pretty Print Code Blocks enclodes in three `
  • [x] Private messaging
  • [x] Timestamps for messages
  • [x] Show current active users in given server
  • [x] Convert to Typescript
  • [x] Voice Chat (Buggy, but main features work)


Copyright Eric Ellbogen 2019

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