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blendersushi project

"I know how to Blend, a little."

Welcome to the SECRET VAULT of Blender Sushi related scripts and node trees setup created for Blender 3D!


  • Blender 3D
  • Sverchok Add-On
  • Animation Nodes Add-On
  • Audio Nodes Add-On
  • ProcGenMod AKA Sorcar Add-On
  • ANY Node Based Add-On

This is an ongoing "ebook project" to share my brain and knowledge with everybody.

I am using open source Blender 3D as a tool to express my ideas and to share my endless study of everything related to computer graphics, animation, augmented reality and visualization. After a series of coincidents, I stumbled into very cool add-on like Sverchok and Animation Nodes and also meeting some awesome Blender Artists and Developers.

In the past I have a bit of play using node based commercial tools like Maya and Houdini. By far, investing my money and time on Blender has been a lot more useful than wasting money on unnecessary upgrades. I have used Blender ever since.

This freedom of expressions using freely available tools helps me a lot to really learn and play with ideas using nodes and a bit of codes. I gain more confident in programming, especially using Python. Even at a basic-intermediate level this knowledge helps me in creating a lot of things that is not possible have one is afraid and avoiding numbers.

I tried to keep all my tools open source and updated so that no matter what computer you are on, you can just install all the tools without worrying about licenses and dependencies with paid apps.




PS: I made a very little money next to none. Every now and then it would be helpful to get donation. Thank you.

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