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Alan Framework

Alan Framework is a post-exploitation framework useful during red-team activities.

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You can download the binary from:


Download Alan Framework

Notable Features

  • You can run your preferred tool directly in-memory
  • Supported agent types: Powershell (x86/x64), DLL (x86/x64), Executable (x86/x64), Shellcode (x86/x64)
  • Server.exe can be executed in Linux (via dotnet core)
  • The network communication is fully encrypted with a session key not recoverable from the agent binary or from a traffic dump
  • Communication performed via HTTP/HTTPS
  • No external dependencies or libraries need to be installed
  • A powerfull command shell
  • The agent configuration can be updated on the fly (you can change port and protocol too)



Blog posts

For more information on its usage please read the documentation.


5.0.509.20 - 13/12/2021

  • Implemented run command
  • Implemented kill command
  • Implemented exec command
  • Removed inject message since it can be achieved with the run command in background
  • Created stager and PE loader to make the agent stealthier. Each generated agent file has a different hash
  • Improved code injection to bypass Dynamic Code Policy Mitigation
  • It is now possible to specify the agent file name to create during the wizard
  • Fixed error in upload and download commands
  • Fixed error in shell creation. The command shell process token did not have the same agent integrity level
  • Removed exported function from DLL agent artifact
  • Added current working directory to info command
  • Extended shell command to execute a single command

4.0.0. - 26/09/2021

  • Added inject command. This command allows the operator to inject code into a remote process
  • Added sleep command performed in short sleep of 400 msec each.
  • Introduced Jitter concept in sleep
  • Ported agent to x64 bit (included PE32+ loader)
  • Fixed errors in x86 PE loader
  • .NET agent runner is now executed in a stealthier way to avoid detection
  • It is now possible to specify a custom Web server in the HTTP/S listener response
  • Removed command listeners since superfluous
  • Improved info command with more information
  • Error message are more explanatory
  • Added information on process token type (elevated or not)
  • Added information on process token privileges
  • Added information on process token groups

3.0.0 - 15/05/2021

  • Renamed agent shell quit command to exit
  • Implemented agent migration via migrate command
  • Fixed error in retrieving OS version
  • Added DLL as agent format in the creation wizard.
  • Implemented ps command to list the currently running processes
  • Implemented download command to locally download a file or an entire directory
  • Implemented upload command to upload files to the compromised host
  • Implemented SuccessRequest as HTTP server response option to customize the http/s listener response
  • Implemented ErrorRequest to customize the http/s listener response for bad requests
  • Implemented prepend and append as HTTP server request option to specify in the agent prof

2.0.500.23 - 20/03/2021

  • Implemented agent detach command to temporary exit from a joined agent
  • Implemented shell detach command to temporary exit from a command shell
  • Implemented listeners command to list the available listeners
  • Implemented HTTPS listener to communicatewith the agent via TLS
  • Implemented get-config command to download the current agent configuration
  • Implemented update command to update the agent configuration
  • Windows7 is now supported

1.0.0 - 22/02/2021

  • First Release

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