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Monero (XMR) testnet sandbox

This project provides a minimal testnet sandbox which allows you to explore and play with Monero (XMR) on your own network with no cost.

You will get 3 wallets:

  • walletA with address 9u9j6xG1GNu4ghrdUL35m5PQcJV69YF8731DSTDoh7pDgkBWz2LWNzncq7M5s1ARjPRhvGPX4dBUeC3xNj4wzfrjV6SY3e9
  • walletB with address 9yhHFUUZeARW6ecyHJe2ZARrWEHnifGLQK8tvKZVccVYNoeRKQp8rfDXGzWaJuGT4m3diT8gHGww9B5vwW92m2k91iMJTPM
  • walletC with random address

There's a setup for 3 daemons that start mining immediately after at least two of them connect forming a network:

  • node1 will mine to walletA
  • node2 will mine to walletB
  • node3 will mine to walletC

Each wallet and node is started by script in their directory.

You should receive first unlocked coins once 61st block has been mined.

Too many blocks? Want to try again? You may remove all wallets, blockchain copies and logs by running Make sure all wallets and nodes have been shut down before. This will restart your testnet from scratch.

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