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Tor Rootkit

Docker build test

A Python 3 standalone Windows 10 / Linux Rootkit. The networking communication get's established over the tor network.


Use for educational purposes only.

How to use

  1. Clone the repo and change directory:
git clone
cd ./tor-rootkit
  1. Build docker container:
docker build -t listener .
  1. Run docker container:
docker run -v $(pwd)/executables:/executables/ -it listener
  1. Deploy the executables: When the listener is up and running it generates a "executables" directory containing different payloads for different plattforms.

Note: The client can take some time (20s-30s) to connect because PyInstaller executables are a bit slower and it need's to start tor.


  • Standalone executable, including python interpreter and tor
  • the whole communication works over tor hidden services which guarantees some degree of anonymity
  • The Listener can handle multiple clients
  • The Client auto reconnects when a unexpected closed connection occurs
  • The Listener generates payloads for different plattforms on startup

Listener Shell Commands

Command Explanation
help Shows the help menu
^C or exit Exits the shell
list lists all connected clients with their according index
select <index> start shell with client

Client Shell Commands

Command Explanation
help Shows the help menu
^C or exit Exits the client shell and returns to listener shell
os <command> Executes a command in the clients shell and returns the output
background Keeps the connection to a client and returns to listener

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