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Mesh Align Plus (Blender Addon)

Mesh Align Plus helps you move things around, precisely: arrange objects in your scene, align mesh parts to each other while you're modeling, and create complex custom transformations using measurements from your models.

In short: You choose from a basic set of operations, pick reference points, and apply custom transformations to a variety of targets. Flexible reference picking and a depth of customization enable sophisticated results.

Some real world examples of things you can do with the addon:

  • Align objects by their faces
  • Measure and match angles, distances, and lengths for parts of your models
  • Rotate an object around an edge
  • Move in the direction of an edge, face normal or set of verts
  • Directly set the dimension/length/scale of arbitrary sub-features of your model
  • Tons of other things...

Mesh Align Plus is designed to provide precision modeling capabilities, especially for hard surface modelers, mechanical, architectural and CAD/CAM users. See the simple demo clips below for a general sense of what the addon can do, read the Wiki above (with tons of GIF's), or watch the video tutorial on YouTube.

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