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The template provided by the PNAS Article template in the rticles package makes it very easy and convenient to create attractive looking two-column papers with an option to switch to a one-column paper.

There were however a few changes we wanted to make such as the use of standard natbib citations, more extended use of color, a different font as well as the removal of a number of PNAS-specific title page items as well as general code and use simplification via a single LaTeX class file. So this pinp package started.


Pinp Vignette

As of release 0.0.2, the package now has a vignette:

Rcpp Vignette

A complete pdf example of the two-column default template is provided here by the new introductory Rcpp vignette, which is itself based on our PeerJ Prepint.

A screenshot of the first two pages:

and the next two pages, showing a two-column figure

followed by pages five and six

and the final two pages:

Other Rcpp vignettes have been converted as well.


The package is working as expected, and available via CRAN.


Use the standard


to install it from CRAN, and then use as a Markdown template via RStudio, or use code such as

draft("mypaper.Rmd", template="pdf", package="pinp", edit=FALSE)

to create a first draft of a new mypaper.Rmd.


Beyond the R package dependencies, a working pandoc binary is needed. RStudio installs its own copy, otherwise do what is needed on your OS (i.e., something like sudo apt-get install pandoc pandoc-citeproc).

The pdf mode requires a fairly complete LaTeX installation, and has been used on Ubuntu and macOS. On Debian/Ubuntu, the following packages should provide a working set:


See also

  • binb: Binb is not Beamer: Stylish pdf Presentations from RMarkdown
  • linl: Linl is not Letter: LaTeX letters from RMarkdown
  • tint: tint is not tufte: Beautiful pdf or html handout or writeups

and the minm package installing all of them.


Dirk Eddelbuettel and James Balamuta, leaning on the earlier work by JJ et al in the rticles package.

The authors of the underlying PNAS LaTeX Style are not explicitedly listed, but PNAS refers to Overleaf.


GPL-3 for this package, as well as the short code taken with grateful acknowledgements from the rticles package.

The main PNAS LaTeX style file (and supporting files) are under the LPPL (LaTeX Project Public License) version 1.3 or later.

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