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ProvisionQL - Quick Look for ipa & provision

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Thumbnails example

Inspired by a number of existing alternatives, the goal of this project is to provide clean, reliable, current and open source Quick Look plugin for iOS & macOS developers.

Thumbnails will show app icon for .ipa/ .xcarchive or expiring status and device count for .mobileprovision. Quick Look preview will give a lot of information, including devices UUIDs, certificates, entitlements and much more.

Valid AdHoc provision

Supported file types:

  • .ipa - iOS packaged application
  • .xcarchive - Xcode archive
  • .appex - iOS/OSX application extension
  • .mobileprovision - iOS provisioning profile
  • .provisionprofile - OSX provisioning profile

More screenshots


Initially based on Provisioning by Craig Hockenberry.

Tutorials based on this example:


Homebrew Cask

Homebrew cask is the easiest way to install binary applications and Quick Look plugins.

If you have homebrew installed - just run one line and you are ready:

brew install --cask provisionql

Xcode project

Just clone the repository, open ProvisionQL.xcodeproj and build active target. Shell script will place generator in ~/Library/QuickLook and call qlmanage -r automatically.


  • download archive with latest version from the Releases page;
  • move ProvisionQL.qlgenerator to ~/Library/QuickLook/(current user) or /Library/QuickLook/(all users);
  • run qlmanage -r to refresh Quick Look plugins list.


Created and maintained by Evgeny Aleksandrov (@ealeksandrov).


ProvisionQL is available under the MIT license. See the file for more info.

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