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Reposilite (formerly NanoMaven) - lightweight repository manager for Maven based artifacts. It is a simple solution to replace managers like Nexus, Archiva or Artifactory.



Website: Reposilite
Releases: GitHub Downloads
Docker Images: DockerHub Repository


  • Java 8+
  • RAM 12MB+
Amount Description
12MB Tiny repository for personal projects
16MB - 32MB --------------------^------------------ + CI + Proxy
48MB - 128MB Tiny public repository (recommended)
128MB+ Public repository



  • [x] Working Maven repository manager (example:
  • [x] Support Maven, Gradle and SBT build tools
  • [x] Docker image (repository: dzikoysk/reposilite)
  • [x] Authorization (deploy and downloads)
  • [x] Deploy (using tokens and BCrypt)
  • [x] dependabot supported
  • [x] Supports distributed environments like K8s
  • [x] Multithreading
  • [x] Proxy of other remote repositories
  • [x] Supports requests to primary repository without its name in url
  • [x] Dashboard
    • [x] Customizable front page
    • [x] Command line interface
    • [x] Repository browser
    • [x] Admin panel
  • [x] Snapshots
  • [x] Statistics
  • [x] REST API
  • [x] OpenAPI with Swagger UI
  • [x] 90%+ test coverage
  • [x] Documentation


  • Reposilite Backend: Java + Javalin (Jetty) + Groovy (JUnit)
  • Reposilite Frontend: Vue.js + Pug + Stylus + Tailwindcss
  • Reposilite Site: React.js + Docusaurus

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