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An Automated Background Python program that notifies you during your meetings.

OSX and Linux

Installation :-

C Dependencies :-

Python Dependencies :-

  • pip install pyaudio
  • pip install pydub
  • pip install speechrecognition
  • pip install wave

Pulse Audio :-

  • Make sure that you have pulse audio already installed in your system (Most Linux Distrubutions already have Pulse Audio installed). If not installed, please install it from your package manager :)
  • Installation Commands Install pulse audio command line utility from this link.
  • Install Pulse Audio GUI from you package manager

Setup and Usage:-

Configuration :-

  • Run ./ and follow the instructions (You only have to do this once) .

    1. Speak your name when prompted.
    2. Select the options as 1 ENTER 2 ENTER 5 ENTER q ENTER
  • Run ./ to start the program (Every time you reboot, run ./ or your name gets called!).

  • You can close the terminal window after this and all the logs will be present in nohup.out.

  • Open Pulse Audio GUI and click on Recording Tab.

  • Select the sink for 3 python programs as Monitor of Temp_sink.

  • Go to Playback Tab.

  • Select Temp_sink as device for all the applications whose sound you want to monitor.

  • Select Analog Built-in-stereo-output as device for all the applications whose sound you dont want to monitor and want to listen.

  • Voila, Now you can listen to music or do some side projects and whenever your name gets called, you'll be Notified.

Footnotes :-

  • Run ./ to remove all the temporary created files and modules and set everything back to Normal.
  • Give all the Bash Scripts Execute premission using sudo chmod +x ./<filename> where filename is,, (Avoid < >).
  • Whenever your name gets called or attendence is being recorded, it'll prompted and all the settings will set to default. Run ./ again to start over.

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Star Developer: manasd28 (Manas Dalakoti)

Developer Student Clubs JIIT 128


For legal reasons,
This bot was purely made for educational purposes only and is meant as a fun way to learn and implement the libraries/packages mentioned above.
This bot is not meant to be used in any malicious way and we are not responsible for anyone actually using this bot to wrongfully attend online classes on his/her/their behalf.

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