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😈 A Vim/Neovim color scheme reproduction of the official JetBrains IDE Darcula theme


If you use a plugin manager, follow the traditional way.

For example with vim-plug add this in .vimrc/init.vim:

Plug 'doums/darcula'

Then run in vim:

:source $MYVIMRC

If you use vim package :h packages.


Put this in your .vimrc/init.vim:

colorscheme darcula

To fully enjoy the color scheme and if your terminal supports Truecolor add

set termguicolors

If you use lightline:

let g:lightline = { 'colorscheme': 'darculaOriginal' }

NOTE: lightline already provides a "darcula" color scheme that I find simply bad. I strongly recommend to use mine instead (using darculaOriginal instead of darcula in the above config).

tree-sitter support



VimScript API


the colors palette of Darcula


helper function to create/modify highlight group


call darcula#Hi('rustLifetime', darcula#palette.macroName,, 'italic')
call darcula#Hi('Comment', [ '#eeeeee', 255 ], darcula#palette.null, 'italic')
call darcula#Hi('BlackFg', [ '#000000', 16 ])

helper groups

Darcula provides some helper groups.
You can use them with hi link.


hi! link GitGutterAdd GitAddStripe
hi! link GitGutterChange GitChangeStripe
hi! link GitGutterDelete GitDeleteStripe
let g:gitgutter_sign_removed = '▶'


hi! link CocErrorSign ErrorSign
hi! link CocWarningSign WarningSign
hi! link CocInfoSign InfoSign
hi! link CocHintSign HintSign
hi! link CocErrorFloat Pmenu
hi! link CocWarningFloat Pmenu
hi! link CocInfoFloat Pmenu
hi! link CocHintFloat Pmenu
hi! link CocHighlightText IdentifierUnderCaret
hi! link CocHighlightRead IdentifierUnderCaret
hi! link CocHighlightWrite IdentifierUnderCaretWrite
hi! link CocErrorHighlight CodeError
hi! link CocWarningHighlight CodeWarning
hi! link CocInfoHighlight CodeInfo
hi! link CocHintHighlight CodeHint


hi! link ALEError Error
hi! link ALEWarning CodeWarning
hi! link ALEInfo CodeInfo
hi! link ALEErrorSign ErrorSign
hi! link ALEWarningSign WarningSign
hi! link ALEInfoSign InfoSign


JetBrains for the original and awsome Darcula color scheme!


Mozilla Public License 2.0

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