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Please provide your OS name and version if you can run the dashboard on it perfectly in #31, since I only tested on Ubuntu. Thank you!

Wireguard Dashboard

Monitoring WireGuard is not convinient, need to login into server and type wg show. That's why this platform is being created, to view all configurations and manage them in a easier way.

📣 What's New: Version 2.1

  • Added Ping and Traceroute tools!
  • Adjusted the calculation of data usage on each peers
  • Added refresh interval of the dashboard
  • Bug fixed when no configuration on fresh install (Bug report)
  • Fixed crash when too many peers (Bug report)

💡 Features

  • Add peers for each WireGuard configuration

  • Manage peer

  • Delete peers

  • And many more coming up! Welcome to contribute to this project!

📝 Requirement

  • Ubuntu or Debian based OS, other might work, but haven't test yet. Tested on the following OS:

    • [x] Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS
    • [ ] If you have tested on other OS and it works perfectly please provide it to me in #31. Thank you!
  • ‼️ Make sure you have Wireguard and Wireguard-Tools (wg-quick) installed.‼️ How to install?

  • Configuration files under /etc/wireguard

    • Note:
      • For [Interface] in the .conf file, please make sure you have SaveConfig = true under [Interface] (Bug mentioned in #9)
      • For peers, PublicKey & AllowedIPs is required.
  • Python 3.7+ & Pip3

🛠 Install

  1. Download Wireguard Dashboard

    $ git clone -b v2.1
  2. Install Python Dependencies

    $ cd Wireguard-Dashboard/src
    $ python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. Install & run Wireguard Dashboard

    $ sudo chmod -R 744 /etc/wireguard   # Add read and execute permission of the wireguard config folder
    $ sudo chmod u+x
    $ ./ start


    For pivpn user, please use sudo ./ start to run if your current account does not have the permission to run wg show and wg-quick.

  4. Access dashboard

    Access your server with port 10086 ! e.g (http://your_server_ip:10086), continue to read to on how to change port and ip that dashboard is running with.

🪜 Usage

1. Start/Stop/Restart Wireguard Dashboard

$ cd Wireguard-Dashboard/src
$ ./ start    # Start the dashboard in background
$ ./ debug    # Start the dashboard in foreground (debug mode)
$ ./ stop     # Stop the dashboard
$ ./ restart  # Restart the dasboard

⚠️ For first time user please also read the next section.

✂️ Dashboard Configuration

Since version 2.0, Wireguard Dashboard will be using a configuration file called wg-dashboard.ini, (It will generate automatically after first time running the dashboard). More options will include in future versions, and for now it included the following config:

Description Default Value
username Dashboard login username admin
password Password, will be hash with SHA256 admin hashed in SHA256
wg_conf_path The path of all the Wireguard configurations /etc/wireguard
app_ip IP address the dashboard will run with
app_port Port the the dashboard will run with 10086
auth_req Does the dashboard need authentication to access true
If auth_req = false , user will not be access the Setting tab due to security consideration. User can only change the file directly in system.
version Dashboard Version N/A

Latest Version: V2.1

All these settings will be able to configure within the dashboard in Settings on the sidebar, without changing the actual file. Except version and auth_req due to security consideration.

❓ How to update the dashboard?

  1. Change your directory to wireguard-dashboard
    $ cd wireguard-dashboard
  2. Get the newest version
    $ sudo git pull v2.1 --force
  3. Update and install all python dependencies
    $ python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt
  4. Start the dashboard
    $ ./ start

⚠️ Update from v1.x.x

  1. Stop the dashboard if it is running.
  2. You can use git pull v2.1 to get the new update inside Wireguard-Dashboard directory.
  3. Proceed Step 2 & 3 in the Install step down below.

🔍 Screenshot

Index Image

Index Page

Signin Image

Signin Page

Configuration Image

Configuration Page

Settings Image

Settings Page

🛒 Dependencies

Contributors ✨

All Contributors

Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):


⚠️ 💻



This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!

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