Slides for my machine learning course based on Sebastian Raschka's Python Machine Learning book
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“连续六年成为全世界最受喜爱的语言,无 GC 也无需手动内存管理、极高的性能和安全性、过程/OO/函数式编程、优秀的包管理、JS 未来基石" — 工作之余的第二语言来试试 Rust 吧。<<Rust语言圣经>>拥有全面且深入的讲解、生动贴切的示例、德芙般丝滑的内容,甚至还有JS程序员关注的 WASM 和 Deno 等专题。这可能是目前最用心的 Rust 中文学习教程 / Book
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Resources for Python Crash Course, from No Starch Press.
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Bayesian Data Analysis course at Aalto
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A complete study plan to become a Site Reliability Engineer.
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Machine learning slides

I created these slides for my machine learning course that I teach at Loyola University Chicago. These slides are mostly based on Sebastian Raschka's Python Machine Learning book. Please see Sebastian's github repository for additional course materials such as the full set of equations used in the text and the code samples.

NOTE: Be sure to download the Code directory into the same place where you cloned this repository. Some slides will not compile without it!


I am grateful to Sebastian for providing the latex source for the equations used in the book.

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