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Vidom is just a library to build UI. It's highly inspired from React and based on the same ideas. Its main goal is to provide as fast as possible lightweight implementation with API similar to React.

Main features

  • Fast virtual DOM builder and patcher under the hood
  • Update batching and synchronization with browsers rendering lifecycle by default
  • Fast server-side rendering with ability to reuse existing DOM in the browsers also known as isomorphism
  • Easy and clear way to subscribe to DOM Events
  • API to build your own high-level components
  • Namespaces support (e.g., SVG, MathML)
  • Ability to render multiple components without unwanted DOM wrappers
  • No extra markup in the result HTML
  • JSX support via babel plugin
  • TypeScript support
  • Small footprint, 9KB after gzip
  • Zero dependencies


                   mean time ops/sec
  vidom v0.9.23    0.505ms   1981
  inferno v3.10.1  0.511ms   1958
  preact v8.2.6    1.414ms   707
  react v16.0.0    1.479ms   676
  vue v2.5.2       8.883ms   113


Try live playground to play with Vidom in your browser.



  • Vidom inspector developer tool which helps debug vidom-based applications




  • cdnjs for library is avalaible on CDN.

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