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Laravel React To Do App

An example To Do App built with Laravel and React. It includes:

Use it as a base for quick prototypes or to learn from. Suggestions, recommendations, and pull requests welcome!

Demo Site

View a demo of the app at

(Password resets will not be sent from this server. Data will be cleared on a regular basis.)

Development Environment

This project runs on a LEMP stack (Linux, NGINX, MySQL, & PHP).

The backend built with Laravel. The frontend is 100% React.

If you don't already have a LEMP environment running, Valet is a good option for OSX.

Set Up

Clone the repository:

git clone

Create your environment file:

cp .env.example .env

The app key is used to salt passwords. If you need to work with production data you'll want to use the same app key as defined in the .env file in production so password hashes match.

Update these settings in the .env file:

  • DB_DATABASE (your local database, i.e. "todo")
  • DB_USERNAME (your local db username, i.e. "root")
  • DB_PASSWORD (your local db password, i.e. "")
  • HASHIDS_SALT (use the app key or match the variable used in production)

Install PHP dependencies:

composer install

If you don't have Composer installed, instructions here.

Generate an app key:

php artisan key:generate

Generate JWT keys for the .env file:

php artisan jwt:secret

Run the database migrations:

php artisan migrate

Install Javascript dependencies:

npm install

If you don't have Node and NPM installed, instructions here.

Run an initial build:

npm run development

Additional Set Up Tips

Database Seeding

If you need sample data to work with, you can seed the database:

php artisan migrate:refresh --seed --force

Read more in /docs/

Seeded User

After seeding the database, you can log in with these credentials:

Email: [email protected] Password: password

Email Driver

Laravel sends emails for password resets. The default for MAIL_DRIVER in .env.example is log. You can view logged emails in storage/logs/laravel.log.

Other Notes

Internal Docs:

Laravel Docs:

Valet Tutorial:

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