Duckypad Profile Autoswitcher

Duckypad Profile Autoswitcher

duckyPad Profile Auto-switcher

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This app allows your duckyPad to switch profiles automatically based on current active window.

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⚠️ This software is fairly new, and there might be some bugs or rough edges. Let me know if you run into any problems!

User Manual

Download and Launch the App

Head over here and download the latest release.

Extract the .zip file and launch the app by clicking duckypad_autoprofile.exe:

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Linux Users

Linux users might need to apply a udev rule, then launch the program with:

xhost +; sudo python3 

Use pip3 to install any missing packages.

Arch Linux users can find this application in AUR and may use tool such as yay for a quick installation.

"Untrusted App" Warnings

When trying to run the app, your system might complain about this software being untrusted. This is because I haven't had the code digitally signed, which costs hundreds of dollars a year.

Feel free to review the code, you can also run directly with Python3.

For Windows 10, click More info and then Run anyway.

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For macOS, RIGHT CLICK on the app and select Open. You might have to do it twice.

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Using the App

Once plugged in, your duckyPad should show up in the Connection section.

If not, make sure you duckyPad is running the latest firmware (0.18.0 and above).

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You can use the buttons in dashboard section to open user manual, discord, make backups, switch profiles, and start/pause profile autoswitching.

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Profile autoswitching is based on a list of rules.

To create a new rule, click New rule... button:

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A new window should pop up:

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Each rule contains application name, window title, and the profile number to switch to.

Type in the keywords you want to match in the text box. They are case-insensitive, leave blank to match all.

Current active window and a list of all windows are provided for reference.

Click Save when done.

Back to the main window, duckyPad should now automatically switch profile once a rule is matched!

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  • Rules are evaluated from top to bottom, and stops at first match!

  • Currently matched rule will turn green.

  • Select a rule and click Move up and Move down to rearrange its priority.

  • Click On/Off button to enable/disable a rule.

That's pretty much it! Just leave the app running and duckyPad will do its thing!

Launch Autoswitcher on Windows Startup

If you want to launch autoswitcher with Windows, The easiest way is to place a shortcut in the Startup folder:

  • Select the autoswitcher app and press Ctrl+C.

  • Press Win+R to open the Run... dialog, enter shell:startup and click OK. This will open the Startup folder.

  • Right click inside the window, and click "Paste Shortcut".

HID Command Protocol

Of course, now that duckyPad supports HID communication, you can write your own program to control it from PC!

Click me for details!

Questions or Comments?

Please feel free to open an issue, ask in the official duckyPad discord, DM me on discord dekuNukem#6998, or email for inquires.

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