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Fable Reaction

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Fable.Reaction is a collection of projects that combines the power of asynchronous reactive (AsyncRx) functional programming (RFP) with F#, Fable and Elmish applications.

  • FSharp.Control.AsyncRx - implementation of Async Observables in F# for .NET and Fable.
  • Fable.Reaction - for the use of Reaction with Fable
  • Reaction.AspNetCore.Middleware - using Reaction with WebSockets in ASP.NET Core.

Use reactive programming for easier handling of events such as keyboard, mouse, network and websockets. Fable.Reaction gives you the power to:

  • Transform - change messages
  • Filter - reducing the message stream
  • Time-shift - delay messages
  • Partition - split a stream into multiple streams
  • Combine - merge multiple streams into one

Fable.Reaction is is built on the Async Reactive (Rx) library


Please check out the documentation

Fable.Reaction combines the power of reactive programming with Fable and Elmish applications.


paket add Fable.Reaction --project <project>

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