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Marquee for AngularJS

There are a lot of jQuery marquee but most of them can't not work properly with AngularJS. Angular marquee is written for AngularJS and it works well when $scope data changes, you can play/pause marquee, change animation duration from $scope data. Most of the code was adapted from


Add angular-marquee to module dependencies:

	.module('app', ['angular-marquee']);

Put angular-marquee directive to html template:

<div angular-marquee scroll="scroll" duration="duration">{{title}}</div>

Change marquee options from controller:

	.controller('appCtrl', function($scope) {
		$scope.title = "Hello World!";
		$scope.scroll = true;
		$scope.duration = 10000;

Directive attributes:

scroll: toggle marquee animation

duration: duration in miliseconds which you want your element to travel

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