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A beautiful, modern, customizable Markdown editor powered by CodeMirror 6 and TypeScript
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Editor.md12,95235812 days ago1June 27, 2015555mitJavaScript
The open source embeddable online markdown editor (component).
React Md Editor1,450535 days ago150July 07, 202294mitTypeScript
A simple markdown editor with preview, implemented with React.js and TypeScript.
2 years ago26mitTypeScript
A WYSIWYG Markdown Editor for browsers. Break the Wall between writing and previewing.
6 months ago17mitJavaScript
Offline markdown to pdf, choose -> edit -> transform 🥂
React Codemirror90210245 days ago120July 12, 202279mitTypeScript
CodeMirror 6 component for React. @codemirror
a month ago1mitSwift
Just like TextEdit on Mac but dedicated to Markdown.
React Md Editor4842745 years ago6September 05, 201611mitJavaScript
React.js Markdown Editor Component
5 months ago70otherCoffeeScript
Collaborative markdown with math
Vue Markdown4153810 months ago36July 20, 202257JavaScript
React Monacoeditor229125 days ago36September 12, 202214TypeScript
Monaco Editor component for React.
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A beautiful, modern, customizable Markdown editor powered by CodeMirror 6 and TypeScript. This is the editor that powers


  • [x] Automatic, dark, or light themes (automatic by default)
  • [x] Hybrid plain-text Markdown rendering
  • [x] Supports GitHub Flavored Markdown (an extension of CommonMark)
  • [x] Syntax highlighting for many common languages (in code blocks)
  • [x] Drag-and-drop or paste to upload files
  • [x] Inline Markdown image previews
  • [x] Configurable and stylable
  • [x] An optional formatting toolbar (great for mobile)
  • [x] Optionally enable Vim Mode
  • [x] Framework agnostic
  • [x] Vue wrapper (ink-mde/vue subpath export)
  • [x] Svelte wrapper (ink-mde/svelte subpath export)
  • [x] Supports Server-Side Rendering (SSR)
  • [x] Wrap a native textarea element with the wrap export
  • [x] Plugin API (experimental)

Getting Started

With your preferred package manager, add ink-mde to your project.

# npm
npm i ink-mde

# pnpm
pnpm i ink-mde

# yarn
yarn add ink-mde

Import from a CDN

The officially supported CDN for ink-mde is Visit and you will be redirected to the latest version. The URL will look something like this.[email protected]

Then, import ink from that URL in your project.

import { ink } from '[email protected]'

Examples for ink-mde

Next, import ink-mde and customize it to fit your needs.

Minimal setup

Mount the component and start writing.

// ./examples/minimal.ts
import { ink } from 'ink-mde'

// The only requirement is an HTML element.
Wrap a native textarea with wrap

To wrap a native textarea element, use the wrap export.

import { wrap } from 'ink-mde'


Track state changes with hooks

To sync the editor with your app's state, you can use the afterUpdate hook.

// ./examples/hooks.ts
import { defineOptions, ink } from 'ink-mde'

// With hooks, you can keep your state in sync with the editor.
const state = { doc: '# Start with some text' }

// Use defineOptions for automatic type hinting.
const options = defineOptions({
  doc: state.doc,
  hooks: {
    afterUpdate: (doc: string) => {
      state.doc = doc

const editor = ink(document.getElementById('editor')!, options)

// You can also update the editor directly.

Examples for ink-mde/vue

The ink-mde/vue subpath exports a Vue 3 component.

Minimal setup

  <InkMde v-model="markdown" />

<script lang="ts" setup>
import InkMde from 'ink-mde/vue'
import { ref } from 'vue'

const markdown = ref('# Hello, World!')

Custom Options

The Vue component forwards all options that ink-mde supports, and it uses a deep watcher to ensure your options are reactive.

  <input v-model="options.interface.appearance" type="radio" value="dark"> dark
  <input v-model="options.interface.appearance" type="radio" value="light"> light
  <InkMde v-model="markdown" :options="options" />

<script lang="ts" setup>
import InkMde from 'ink-mde/vue'
import { reactive, ref } from 'vue'

const markdown = ref('# Hello, World!')
const options = reactive({
  interface: {
    appearance: 'dark',

Examples for ink-mde/svelte

The ink-mde/svelte subpath exports a Svelte component.

Minimal setup

<script lang="ts">
  import InkMde from 'ink-mde/svelte'

  // doc
  let value = '# Hello, world'

    interface: {
      appearance: 'dark'

Reactive options and the editor instance

<script lang="ts">
  import InkMde from 'ink-mde/svelte'
  import type { Instance } from 'ink-mde'

  // doc
  let value = '# Hello, world'
  // reactive option, if this change, the editor will be reconfigured.
  let isDarkTheme = false

<input type="checkbox" bind:checked={isDarkTheme} name="isDarkTheme" />

    interface: {
      appearance: isDarkTheme ? 'dark' : 'light',

Further customization

These are the default options, and any of them can be overridden when initializing (or reconfiguring) an instance of ink-mde.

// ./src/store.ts#L11-L54
const options = {
  doc: '',
  files: {
    clipboard: false,
    dragAndDrop: false,
    handler: () => {},
    injectMarkup: true,
    types: ['image/*'],
  hooks: {
    afterUpdate: () => {},
    beforeUpdate: () => {},
  interface: {
    appearance: InkValues.Appearance.Auto,
    attribution: true,
    autocomplete: false,
    images: false,
    lists: false,
    readonly: false,
    spellcheck: true,
    toolbar: false,
  placeholder: '',
  plugins: [],
  readability: false,
  search: true,
  selections: [],
  toolbar: {
    bold: true,
    code: true,
    codeBlock: true,
    heading: true,
    image: true,
    italic: true,
    link: true,
    list: true,
    orderedList: true,
    quote: true,
    taskList: true,
    upload: false,
  vim: false,


The editor can be extended with custom grammars, completions, and more through the Plugin API. Examples coming soon.


Many aspects of the editor's appearance can be customized with CSS custom properties (aka CSS variables).

General-purpose styles

CSS Custom Property CSS Property Default (Dark) Override (Light)
--ink-border-radius border-radius 0.25rem
--ink-color color #fafafa #171717
--ink-font-family font-family sans-serif
--ink-flex-direction flex-direction column

Block styles

Blocks are used to provide a dynamic user experience. Examples of blocks are images, multiline code blocks, and the toolbar.

CSS Custom Property CSS Property Default (Dark) Override (Light)
--ink-block-background-color background-color #121212 #f5f5f5
--ink-block-background-color-on-hover background-color #0f0f0f #e0e0e0
--ink-block-max-height max-height 20rem
--ink-block-padding padding 0.5rem

Code styles

These styles are for code blocks and inline code.

CSS Custom Property CSS Property Default (Dark) Override (Light)
--ink-code-background-color background-color var(--ink-block-background-color)
--ink-code-color color inherit
--ink-code-font-family font-family 'Monaco', Courier, monospace

Syntax highlighting

You can customize the entire syntax theme too.

CSS Custom Property CSS Property Default (Dark) Override (Light)
--ink-syntax-atom-color color #d19a66
--ink-syntax-comment-color color #abb2bf
--ink-syntax-emphasis-color color inherit
--ink-syntax-emphasis-font-style font-style italic
--ink-syntax-heading-color color #e06c75
--ink-syntax-heading-font-size font-size 1em
--ink-syntax-heading-font-weight font-weight 600
--ink-syntax-heading1-color color #e06c75
--ink-syntax-heading1-font-size font-size 1.6em
--ink-syntax-heading1-font-weight font-weight 600
--ink-syntax-heading2-color color #e06c75
--ink-syntax-heading2-font-size font-size 1.5em
--ink-syntax-heading2-font-weight font-weight 600
--ink-syntax-heading3-color color #e06c75
--ink-syntax-heading3-font-size font-size 1.4em
--ink-syntax-heading3-font-weight font-weight 600
--ink-syntax-heading4-color color #e06c75
--ink-syntax-heading4-font-size font-size 1.3em
--ink-syntax-heading4-font-weight font-weight 600
--ink-syntax-heading5-color color #e06c75
--ink-syntax-heading5-font-size font-size 1.2em
--ink-syntax-heading5-font-weight font-weight 600
--ink-syntax-heading6-color color #e06c75
--ink-syntax-heading6-font-size font-size 1.1em
--ink-syntax-heading6-font-weight font-weight 600
--ink-syntax-keyword-color color #c678dd
--ink-syntax-link-color color #96c0d8
--ink-syntax-meta-color color #abb2bf
--ink-syntax-name-color color #d19a66
--ink-syntax-name-label-color color #abb2bf
--ink-syntax-name-property-color color #96c0d8
--ink-syntax-name-property-definition-color color #e06c75
--ink-syntax-name-variable-color color #e06c75
--ink-syntax-name-variable-definition-color color #e5c07b
--ink-syntax-name-variable-local-color color #d19a66
--ink-syntax-name-variable-special-color color inherit
--ink-syntax-number-color color #d19a66
--ink-syntax-operator-color color #96c0d8
--ink-syntax-processing-instruction-color color #444444 #bbbbbb
--ink-syntax-punctuation-color color #abb2bf
--ink-syntax-strikethrough-color color inherit
--ink-syntax-strikethrough-text-decoration text-decoration line-through
--ink-syntax-string-color color #98c379
--ink-syntax-string-special-color color inherit
--ink-syntax-strong-color color inherit
--ink-syntax-strong-font-weight font-weight 600
--ink-syntax-url-color color #aaaaaa #666666


Your support is appreciated. Here are some ways you can help.

Leave the Attribution enabled

There is a small powered by ink-mde attribution in the bottom-right corner of all editor instances by default. Being a free, MIT-licensed library under independent development, that attribution helps to increase awareness of this project and my work in general.

Tell us what you think

Your feedback is immensely important for building ink-mde into a library that we all love. Consider starting a discussion under Octo if you have a question or just want to chat about ideas!

Open a Pull Request

If you feel comfortable with an existing issue, please consider opening a Pull Request. I would love to work with you to get it merged!

Become a financial backer

A note about v0 releases

Since ink-mde is a v0 project, you should consider minor version increments to be breaking changes. Semantic Versioning considers all v0 releases to be breaking, but I do my best to make patch releases non-breaking.

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