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Modern Haskell Webserver Boilerplate

  • Graphql API
      type User {
          id: Int!
          email: String!
          name: String!
          updatedAt: String!
          createdAt: String!
      type Session {
          token: String!
          user: User!
      type Query {
          login(email: String!, password: String!): Session!
          myUserInfo: User!
      type Mutation {
          register(email: String!, password: String!, name: String!): Session!
          changePassword(oldPassword: String!, newPassword: String!): Boolean!
  • Database:

This boilerplate wires up:

  • Reading .env using envy
  • Database
  • Graphql API
  • Authorization using JWT
  • Monad transformers


Now GraphQL API is at http://localhost:8080/api

You can also access Graphql Playground at http://localhost:8080/graphiql


Running on Docker

  • Feed in you database & secret in .env:

    $ cp .env.default .env
  • (Optional) Edit anything you need in the .env file

  • Create and start docker containers

    $ docker-compose up
  • Now you can visit: http://localhost:8080/ in your local machine.

  • Migrations will automatically run, and you can run them manually anytime using

    $ docker-compose up dbmate
  • Stack will restart whenever you change any .hs file, thanks to entr


PR are more than welcome. The only note is we use ormolu to format codes.

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